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We sell all makes and models of used powerboats and yachts. Naturally your C&J Sprayhood will be an easy target to steady yourself, but, if possible, we recommend you dont grab the fabric cover. Sprayhood include a DARK BLUE Vinyl protection to the aft edge. We were looking for a yacht that would look after us and hold value if we looked after her. Contact us today via our Yacht enquiry form, or give us a call and we will be happy to help you make sure you get the perfect cover for your needs. 4. This allows a cool flow of air to be channeled into the cockpit area instead of being diverted over the top of the Sprayhood and away from the cockpit. 7 When all sides are sewn, the new window overlap is then trimmed back to stand just proud of the outer seam. I could get ups or DHL to collect it if you can pack it up and send me the weight and dimensions. The Grey Sprayhood have a DARK BLUE Vinyl to the aft edge on the upper side as protection. Contact usif you wish to discuss your ideas for your new Sprayhood or use the enquiry form below and a member of our dedicated team will be in touch in no time. The two smaller side zip channels, ready to sew back onto the new roof section. Sunbrella Textile Guide Sustainability Information, Visit our Sprayhood Gallery to view and enquire, Sprayhood Customisation and Extras, click to View. 184.96. To enable protection of the Sprayhood windows, as well as blocking out any unwanted light, C&J Marine high-quality window covers are the solution. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. 4. Lee-on-the-Solent, Sprayhood: No (available for 20.35) Harness: No Firing mechanism: United Moulders UML-5 Fastening mechanism: Plastic buckle Price: 139 Rating: 3/5 Performance The Spinlock jacket is an unusual design in that it slips over your head rather than being worn like a waistcoat. With the new windows, and the other canvas repairs, the Andersons can now enjoy at least another five years of active service from their cockpit canopy and theyll have the added benefit of being able to actually see out of it! Buying Used Sails Step 1. The boat presented beautifully, even better than expected. The final sewing task is to secure the prefabricated bolt rope tape into the base and sides of the front window panel. The industrial sewing machine has many advantages over my lighter domestic machine. Powered with twin Volvo KAMD300 EDC engines with less than 2500 hours, very well maintained and runs great. Canvasman uses the most advanced fabrics components and design options to ensure your boat cover looks great and lasts. Dodger, or spray dodger, is the more widely used term for the structure (canvas or fixed) which protects the companionway. A puzzling mystery, The hen that sailed around the world: a farewell to Monique, Banque Populaire drops out of the 2024 Vende Globe, Best family yacht: our pick of the best yachts for sailing with the family, 2020 Vende Globe preview: Pip Hare and Paul Larsens guide to the fleet, Spirit 111: This sailing art gallery is one of the most sensational yachts ever built, Video: See inside 9 of the most amazing modern sailing superyachts, Lagoon 46 first look: Updating this catamaran is a significant step for the yard, Excess 15 first look: This vibrant catamaran can sail in the lightest of winds. Sun, sea and general weathering had degraded the stitching, attachment points and external canvas work on Aderyn Glas, our Moody Eclipse 33. View details of our full range of products and services relating to Sprayhoods and talk through specifications with us, and also discover our dedicated Sprayhood Customisation and Extras page to learn more about our ability to tailor to your every notion. I always replace any plastic fittings associated with the canvas work. Rub the new window down on to it as you go. Specialist bluewater broker John Rodriguez has seen more clients than ever looking for a dependable hull to bring up to date. I lined the front lower edges of the sprayhood with plastic material to prevent wear to the canvas from rubbing on the coachroof, then attached the new webbing strips (not forgetting to incorporate the clips before sewing). I odered 3m squared for about 40 Euro. Straight into the bin with this tired old piece of plastic. Not only is it the perfect stand-alone product, but it also provides the foundations for further adaptations of C&J Marine top-of-the-range covers that will transform the Sprayhood into a first-class multi-functional system. Will Bruton speaks to brokerage and refit experts to find out why 10- to 15-year-old yachts can be a sweet spot for diligent buyers. 3until out it comes! Edging material, Velcro, plastic lining and webbing are measured directly along their lengths and the total length added up from each major piece being made. The easiest cure is a replacement, which will give the canopy a new lease of life. 10: Place double-sided tape along all four edges of the fabric bordering the existing window, but outside the existing outer seams. 3: Before starting to sew, Alan gives the foot and needle assembly a quick spray of silicon lubricant. Check out ourSprayhood Customisation and Extrassection and find all types of ideas. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. 4which is followed by a sweep with a soft clothes brush to remove all the debris. With a white chinagraph pencil, mark the centreline, and the position of the Velcro and zip channels and the backstay opening. Before: Typical long-term damage to a plastic window in Fidgets cockpit cover, with fogging and tears, After: A brand new window will give several seasons of use, as well as adding to safety and ambience within the cockpit. It is important to note, we dont just need your frame returning to us, we will also need your cover. Use small pieces of plastic material to cover and reinforce the unused exposed teeth of the zip. To make the new zip channels I drew around the originals on the rear of the new sprayhood roof. I cut off the flaps to form the patterns for the separate zip channels, then cut along the centre length of each flap to form a pattern for the new zip opening. Providing a robust and sturdy structure to the C&J Marine Sprayhood is the framework; manufactured from a strong, marine-grade, high-quality stainless steel. Use our car search or research makes and models with customer reviews, expert reviews, and more. If you are local and in our service area, we can fit your Boat Covers. Yacht Sprayhood. What he was upfront about was that he was not prepared to replace the rigging, which was original, as he believed it to be sound. Dolphin Sails, 400 Main Road, Harwich, Essex, CO12 4DN United Kingdom. 5: Easy does it. 4: With the cover pulled up to the machine, still inside out, Alan identifies his target. Hants, PO13 9FX. Taking his time, he carefully works along all four sides of the old window. I used the original sprayhood as a template which was probably a mistake as the fabric stretches over the years and I found that the panels were no longer flat. Dave travelled to Vigo with his surveyor. This enables swift and effortless assembly and stowage of the C&J Sprayhood. Once sewn back together (see steps below) youll need to repeat the process for the other two roof zip channels, and the port side flap and zip channel. I can send the money through paypal. Sew the new window onto the reverse side of the panel. Unaffected by sunlight UV(ultraviolet) radiation, Unaffected by weather including water or saltwater. Having marked the window aperture (allowing for a seam), the small hole now gives access to cut around the canvas to reveal the window underneath. It took about 4 weekends and I have enough material to to it again in 5 years time. Remove each zip and Velcro channel from the old bimini after marking their original positions. 1: An important and inexpensive tool for this stage will be a seam picker, which has a sharp cutting edge to slice through the polyester threads, and a protective ball to stop it digging in. My detachable bridging piece joins to the sprayhood by the three front zips (the gaps are where the sprayhood handhold are) and then to the bimini by the one long rear zip, Get every issue of PBO on Android, iPhone, iPad or desktop, Tips to make your motoring more efficient. These are perfect for stowing small items such as phones, tablets, sunglasses and cameras. Redesigned on existing frames, ref 6377, Hallberg Rassy 37 Sprayhood Recover, ref 10366, Hallberg Rassy 37 Sprayhood Recover, ref 9809, Hallberg Rassy 48 Recover Sprayhood for factory fitted original, ref 9928, Hanse 320 Sprayhood recover for factory fit original, ref 6399, Hanse 325 Sprayhood recover for factory fit original, ref 6337, Hanse 348 Sprayhood with Side Grab Handles, ref 9862, Hanse 355 Recover Sprayhood for Covercraft original, MAGIC, ref 8332, Hanse 355 Sprayhood recover for factory fit original, ref 9951, Hanse 385 Sprayhood with extended Roll Back Wings, ref 6256, Hanse 400 Sprayhood recover for NV original, ref 9179, Hanse 415 Sprayhood with optional leathered grab handles, ref 5647, Hanse 458 Sprayhood, Non standard 2 bar design, ref 9936, Hanse 458 Sprayhood, non standard front window with no pillars, ref 9891, Hanse 495 Sprayhood Recover for Factory Supplied Original, ref 0323, Hanse 548 HT Sprayhood and infill panels, ref 8694, Hanse 548, 2 mtrs high non standard Sprayhood with windows in the wings, Hanse 575 Sprayhood NEW STANDARD DESIGN, more curved design 157 and 162 inclusive and onwards, Hanse 588 HT Fixed Sprayhood Screen and Infill Panels to Hardtop, ref 8117, Hunter Ranger 265, Sprayhood, lower design, ref 6592, Island Packet 380 Sprayhood recover for CJ original, ref 5202, J109 Sprayhood recover for NV original, ref 5480, J109 Tecsew design Sprayhood with zip out sides, ref 8189, Jeanneau Sun fast 3200 Sprayhood, ref 6011, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 319 Sprayhood, ref 8431, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 33i Sprayhood extended aft 150mm, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349 Sprayhood, Higher design, ref 6373, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349 Sprayhood, Lower design, ref 5821, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 36.2 Sprayhood, High model, DREAMTIME, ref 7921, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 37 Sprayhood recover for factory fitted original, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 380 Sprayhood, ref 1268, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 389 Sprayhood, ref 8252, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 39DS Sprayhood recover for factory fit NV original, ref 7939, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 410, Sprayhood, ref 10227, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 42DS 2010 on, Cockpit Enclosure to suit Tecsew recover or factory fit sprayhood, IMPULSIVE, ref 6740, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 42DS, 2010 onwards, recover Sprayhood for factory original, ref 5095, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 42DS, pre 2009 model, Sprayhood, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 42DS, pre 2009 model, Sprayhood recover for factory fit NV original , Le Bec Fin, ref 5926, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 43 Sprayhood, original design, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 43, AMBITION, Tecsew Sprayhood 2019 new design, ref 9598, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 43DS Sprayhood recover for factory fit NV original with extra windows, LIBERTY, ref 7177, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 440 PERFORMANCE, Sprayhood with zip removable wings and stretcher bars to suit fold out cockpit seating, ref 9347, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 440 Sprayhood, ref 8574, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 449 Sprayhood, ref 6944, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45DS Sprayhood replacement for factory fit original, ref 1084, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 469 Sprayhood, ref 6378, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 490 Sprayhood, ref 8960, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 49ds Sprayhood recover for factory fit NV original, ref 5603, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 49ds, 3 bar Sprayhood, Jeanneau Sunfast 32i Sprayhood, WHITE MAGIC, ref 6328, Legend 33 2014 model, Sprayhood, ref 5712, Legend 33 Sprayhood recover for CJ original with added side handles, ref 8270, Legend 36 Sprayhood shown with optional Cockpit Enclosure, BRIGHTSPARK, ref 6222, Legend 37, 2014 model, Tecsew standard Sprayhood, ref 5831, Legend 40 Sprayhood 1650 high, NON STANDARD low design, ref 5178, Legend 40 Sprayhood 1750 high, STANDARD MODEL, ref 6084, Legend 41DS, Sprayhood, PAXI MOON, ref 6561, Macwester Rowan Crown Sprayhood, ref 5283, Malo 37 Replacement Sprayhood and Cockpit Enclosure for factory fit originals RUBY, ref 0891, Malo 41 Sprayhood, new Tecsew design with new frameworks, ref 6125, Malo 46 Sprayhood recover for factory fitted original, Malo 46 Sprayhood recover shown with Cockpit Enclosure recover, ref 5513, Maxi 1100 Sprayhood recover for factory fit original, type 1, Maxi 1100 Sprayhood recover for factory fit original, type 2, Maxi 1100 Sprayhood recover, frames set to give extra height, ref 5497, Maxi 33, 3 bar Sprayhood with zipped front window, ref 5154, Maxi 38 Sprayhood recover for factory fitted original, Maxi 38 Sprayhood recover, revamped design, ref Taylor, Microplus 501 Explorer Sprayhood and zip attached Tonneau, ref 5901, Moody 31 Sprayhood recover and Cockpit Enclosure, Miranda, Moody 33 mk 2 Sprayhood recover on existing frame, Moody 34 Sprayhood, CRANNOG, shown with Tecsew Cockpit Enclosure, ref 5040, Moody 35 Sprayhood shown with Tecsew Cockpit Enclosure, ref 6643, Moody 36 fixed screen Sprayhood recover, Avalon, Moody 36 fixed screen Sprayhood, Moody Blue, Moody 36 fixed screen Sprayhood, ref 7635, Moody 36 Sprayhood SWEET CHARIOT, ref 1103, Moody 36cc pre 1979 Sprayhood, Justine Gabrielle, Moody 36cc Sprayhood recover, Blue Admiral, Moody 40 COUNTERPOISE Sprayhood, ref 10043, Moody 42 fixed screen Sprayhood recover, Amber Jack, Moody 42 fixed screen Tecsew designed Sprayhood, Sugar Wing, Moody 42 Tecsew new design Sprayhood to fit screen, ref 7671, Moody 425, Tecsew design Sprayhood, AKAEMY, ref 7654, Moody 45 Classic Sprayhood recover for factory fitted original with optional window blinds, Moody 47 RUM DRAGON, Sprayhood recover for factory original , ref 9497, Moody 48, Hanse built model, Sprayhood, MAJESTIC, ref 7867, Moody 49 Sprayhood recover for factory fit original, ROYAL SAPPHIRE, ref 8865, Moody 49 Sprayhood recover, revamped design, Mornin Gorgeous, Moody S31 Sprayhood recover to lower height, Calista, ref 5619, Moody S38, COLONIA, Sprayhood recover with lengthened back bar shown with Cockpit Enclosure, ref 5692, Najad 331 Sprayhood recover and CJ Cockpit enclosure recover, ref 5636, Najad 355 Sprayhood recover for factory original, SEA SWAN, ref 7600, Najad 360 Sprayhood recover shown with Cockpit Enclosure recover, ref 5384, Najad 361 Libra of Lorne Sprayhood ref 9235, Najad 373 New Sprayhood shown with new Cockpit enclosure, Tecsew design, ref 7995, Najad 400 Sprayhood with new frames, ANIKA, ref 7057, Oyster 406 with fixed windscreen Sprayhood, MUSKRAT, Oyster 435 Sprayhood recover, Aithina in Sunbrella Supreme, Pascoe Tenders, 1608 Tender Sprayhood, ref 7383, Sadler 29 Sprayhood and Cockpit Enclosure, Mad Moment, Sigma 36, 1982 model, New Tecsew design Sprayhood, CHASSEUR, ref 7837, Sigma 41 DEUCALION 2 Bar Tecsew Sprayhood ref 9451, Southerly 110 Sprayhood special high design, Wenda, Boat 36, Southerly 115 series 1 Sprayhood, Sea Thyme, Southerly 135 replacement Sprayhood with new Frame, Southerly 35rs Higher design non standard Sprayhood, Southerly 42rs/rst 3 Bar Sprayhood special design, ref Greene, Southerly 42rs/rst boat 36 onwards, 3 bar sprayhood, Southerly 42rs/rst up to boat 35, 3 bar sprayhood, Southerly 42rs/rst, standard height sprayhood, Southerly 535 with windscreen, Sprayhood, ref 5760, Starlight 35 Sprayhood recover, Magic Touch, Swallow Bay Cruiser 26 Sprayhood, ref 0569, Swan 44 mk II, Finnish Line, Sprayhood recover, ref 5768, Victoria 34 Tecsew design Sprayhood shown with Tecsew Cockpit Enclsoure SANTY, ref 8127, Wauquiez PS40, Vent Des Illes Sprayhood, ref 7457, Westerly 33, year 2000, Tecsew standard design Sprayhood as supplied to Westerly Yachts, Westerly Berwick Tecsew design 3 bar Sprayhood, KATHERINE JANE, ref 8716, Westerly Centaur Sprayhood, CORYLUS, ref 5846, Westerly Griffon Sprayhood to suit when an instrument console is fitted, ref 0848, Westerly Griffon Sprayhood, ALCINE, ref 5830, Westerly Konsort 3 Bar Sprayhood, Iona, ref 5325, Westerly Oceanlord GOLDEN EYE Sprayhood, ref 9478, Westerly Oceanlord LACONDORE, Sprayhood to suit windscreen, ref 9193, Westerly Oceanquest aft cockpit Kestrel Sprayhood, Westerly Oceanquest Sprayhood, fixed screen model, Westerly Sealord Tecsew design 3 bar Sprayhood LIBERTA, ref 9116, Yarmouth 23 Sprayhood on factory supplied frame, Yarmouth 23, JABIRU, Sprayhood recover on factory supplied frame , SO9499. How to make rope: The modern factory method explained, Channel Hopping: Racing trimaran Triple Jacks remarkable comeback, Channel Hopping: How I sailz boat? 6. Use the original zip to measure the exact length required, including the end tapes. I store mine in the garage and wheel it into the house when sewing. 2: With the cover laid outside-up on the table, Alan begins by running his stitch-cutter along the windows inner edge seam, in order to remove all the threads. Replacing all of them at once will save time and money at this age. World Renowned Reputation - The UK's Premier Boat Cover Maker, WORLD RENOWNED REPUTATION Electrical: We also sell new and used electrical conduits, switch and outlet plates, plugs . Choose zips with plastic teeth, as metal will rust in a marine environment. 3: The cut stitching is worked loose with his thumb as he goes. We have been keen to give an online price guide for sprayhoods and, as there is a lot of waffle over prices, this will help. These covers are manufactured from the same material as the Sprayhood and will attach to the outside of the canopy using secure high quality fasteners. The rear section had a continuous canvas tube, with scalloped handhold gaps, into which one of the stainless bars is threaded when the sprayhood is erected each season. The canvas in this section has to be cut and Velcro is used to close the gap. For even further protection, consider ourSprayhood Backdrops. Velcro: 10m x 2.5cm, loop and hook separate lengths. Hell top this up every 15 minutes or so during the job to prevent anything from sticking. Simple sail covers still need to be well designed to make them easy to use and protect the sails well. Struggling for spares? There are several on the market from suppliers such as Renovo, 3M and Starbrite. But if youre looking for a pre-owned yacht, whats the best age to aim for? I used the individual pieces of the bimini, once deconstructed, to draw around and copy the image directly onto the new canvas. He can do this now there are three sides securely sewn, rather than just held by tape. Hold the fabric flat against the plastic. Using scanning technology, modern production methods CNC cutting and 3D CAD design the majority of products shown are available to order for self-fit. A dodger is a great way to stay sheltered from rain or spray while on your boat and at the dock. This will usually extend the coverage aft by 75-100mm, closely following the profile of your existing frame. The owner, an engineer by trade, had lived on board for several months and taken it upon himself to sort niggles he was aware of, so the systems were all being used regularly. With teak prices higher than ever, replacement is now extremely costly. We produce some of the finest sprayhoods in the business, supplying Discovery Yachts with all of their cover needs for the last 9 years, even producing the 58 two part sprayhood. 4. The windows are scratched and badly fogged, there are irreparable splits in some areas, and the stitching has also seen better days. Ive successfully made curtains, external shade and window covers, fender socks, a windscoop, re-covered the saloon cushions, and even a dinghy cover (many of these projects have been published in PBO over the years). It would need a comprehensive structural repair. Thank you. For most Sprayhoods, we can weld an extra grab handlebar onto the rear hoop of your Sprayhood. A cost-effective solution for our customers unable to send their frame back for modification. For insurers, the age and condition of rigging is a crucial opening question when quoting. I want your spray hood, unfortunately. Windows: flat polycarbonate. The bolt rope slides into a permanent plastic fitting on the coachroof and holds the sprayhood down at the front of the cockpit. Find favorites. Machines can be researched through ebay but your local industrial sewing machine company would be a better bet as servicing and backup would be part of the package. The batteries needed replacing so we have upgraded to a massive lithium domestic bank, which will allow us to run the air conditioning without running the generator something that wasnt possible in 2012 when she was new, Tait explains. 6. The fittings we use to secure the hood to the boat (if there are existing fittings we always try to utilise them unless damaged) will be either, or a combination of; Lift the dot studs, press studs, turnbuckles, hooks, lacing buttons. Alan runs demonstration days where classes of up to six people at a time are shown how to make their own covers, upholstery and undertake general repairs to boat fabrics. Its also a part of the market with big variations in price. Transfer all channels, zips and handhold positions to the new canvas, allowing for a 5mm seam. Also would you post to Milford haven? Complete all the zip channels in the same manner. The C&J Marine Sprayhood has been developed over 30 years to be a versatile product, while maintaining the quality of the components throughout. BTW the total materials cost for sprayhood, stackpack, dodgers and fitted cockpit cushions was a little over 300. 7. We can add grabrails to the rear of most sprayhood frames, or customise any new frames to have this included. THE UKS PREMIER BOAT COVER MAKER. Search for used cars at Although not recommended as a safety device these are simple, yet brilliant! YouTube has many tutorials, and though not necessarily marine-based, theyre still helpful. Browse Off the Hook Yachts used boat and yacht inventory for sale below! 12: The new window is now held firmly on top of the old one, and is ready to be sewn into place. 1: Alan uses industrial sewing machines for his business, but says any fairly heavy-duty machine should be able to cope. Curved pieces when flattened out take up a greater length. A laser pointer from the pulley block to the winch accurately positions it. Complimenting the already incomparably designed cover and framework, the attachment and tensioning methods utilised are strong, yet controllable. The brokers proposal was clear: definitely priced at the top end, but in turn-key condition. Our stack pack with the lazy jack rigging is a great sailing aid and gives super protection to the main sail. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. We produce some of the finest sprayhoods in the business, supplying Discovery Yachts with all of their cover needs for the last 9 years, even producing the 58 two part sprayhood. The main items I needed to replace on Aderyn Glas were the dodgers, sprayhood, bimini and bridging piece (this stretches between the sprayhood and bimini to from a solid canopy over the cockpit when in port or anchored, so is fully detachable). NB. The refurbished canopy will operationally be as good as new. 3. It put us into a market with big variations in price, but also usage. 2 beds, master being forward with an island queen, guest bunk has a twin, brand new mattresses in both. Same as new Hallberg-Rassy Yachts. We also show designs for replacements for certain production boats what we call recovers where the existing frame and fittings are utilised. Simple and quick to use and are great for sun or rain protection over the helm, we put sail viewing windows above the helm. Another of the former big names in British boat building, Moody's very first model in 1972 was a 33ft centre cockpit design. Lee-on-the-Solent, The most significant addition was a solid carbon fibre bimini with solar panels and upgraded speakers, which was custom made in Palma by BMC Composites. Types of boats include Center Console boats, Motor Yachts, Cruisers, Bowrider boats, and Sportfishing yachts! Roof nicely curved with a generous overhang. Advanced Covers can design, make, supply and fit any required cover for your sailing boat or yacht. Sprayhoods that are designed and manufactured to a very high standard will not only transform the appearance of your boat but will protect you, your passengers and the parts of your boat that are most susceptible to being harmed by the elements. You can then measure and compare between original and new before you sew the new ones in place. We supply many leading UK Yacht dealerships, therefore many of these Sprayhood designs have been supplied as OEM equipment direct to the dealer while others have been designed for private clients. For additional safety while at sea, we can supply either fixed or folding side hand rails that pass through the sprayhood and clamp onto the fore and aft frames. 5. 1st Model: Only Turning Knobs all around the Sprayhood. An industrial machine would be required theyre much larger, heavier and robust than domestic machines. Through the use of this material, we guarantee that your boat Sprayhood will not only look in keeping with the rest of your boat but will protect it from even the most challenging of conditions. This video doesn't aim to teach you how to sew your own canvas, we want to show you the experience of doing it. Now lay the new plastic window directly onto the underside, or wrong side, of the new, uncut canvas panel. 1 The split we made in the old window is used to allow Alan to start cutting it free. Check the position is correct, and then peel back the top protective cover of the tape to expose the adhesive. 3. This does not mean we are expensive - it means you can be sure of a high quality product which will last for years. There are lots of local sewing courses available, mainly for lightweight dress, household items and quilting, but these are the basic skills youll need for any sewing and are fully transferable. The industrial sewing machine has a very large throat compared to a domestic one. We use modern 3-dimensionalcomputer-aided design technology(3D CAD) to ensure all Sprayhoods are designed to the boat manufacturers and your specific requirements. Search. On this page, you will find detailed photos of an array of Tecsew Sprayhood designs. All we need is for you to let us know the most appropriate email address to contact you on and for you to detail what information is of interest to you. Many yachts sport an aging hard wired satellite phone, SSB radio or outdated navigation technology. The tape will hold the new window temporarily in place. These full width cockpit enclosures give a massive amount of cover to the cockpit but are not suitable for all sail boats as access to the side decks can be compromised and also stops the ability to walk the full length of the boat when going along side. Additional reinforcement where needed, expert patterning, the latest CAD technology and high quality manufacturing standards all combine to produce the best fitting product on the market. These include 319 yachts listed for sale . I dunno lol \(_o)/, Covers for the tail of the sail and gooseneck, Padded seat backs for the cockpit (I plan to make new cockpit seats too).

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