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Given the ray-tracing capabilities of the PS5 and its own support for 8K resolution, that would be quite a feat. This is going to be fun.. And when I think about our new platform, Microsoft Mesh, which enables you to interact holographically with other people with a true presence in a very natural way, one of the most exciting applications, I think, will be gaming. Please check your email to find a confirmation email, and follow the steps to confirm your humanity. 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The systems lineup of exclusive games has been extremely limited, with Microsofts first-party development teams unable to compete with the much larger collection of Sony studios, and many of the Xbox Ones best games were also released on PC. Phil is one of the best things to happen to the Xbox brand, to ignore everything and cherry pick things without context is weird. ", "It's been a remarkable year for Xbox and I am honored to lead the team". Fuente. Neha Chintala notes that Coles involvement was crucial for each option within Blind Driving Assists, and his work started during the preproduction phase. Phil Spencer (born January 12, 1968) [3] is an American business executive and the CEO of Microsoft Gaming. As Satya mentioned, I am now CEO, Microsoft Gaming. Since this was such an important conversation, we thought it would be best to share it in its entirety. Zachary Boddy (They / Them) is a Staff Writer for Windows Central, primarily focused on covering the latest news in tech and gaming, the best Xbox and PC games, and the most interesting Windows and Xbox hardware. Xbox is a significant section of Microsoft, and it'll only continue to grow as time goes on. Heres how it works. The console represents a sizeable boost in power from Xbox One X, with 6DDR6 RAM, 12 TFLOPS of GPU power, an NVMe SSD, and support for 8K resolution. The Gaming Leadership Team and I look forward to answering as many as we can at our next Monthly Gaming Update on Jan. 26. Nadella: Yeah, absolutely. Ive been in many cars, but Ive never been behind the wheel of one. The head of Xbox and executive vice president of gaming at Microsoft, Spencer says popular games like . Phil Spencer has been with Microsoft for a very long time--longer than many of us at GameSpot have been alive. "I love the way the Xbox team is focused on great games and gaming experiences (go, Titanfall! Sales of Halo shattered all previous records, with more than 1 million copies of the game sold in the first few months of its release. The content is the driving force behind Game Pass growth, which is why Im so excited about our acquisition of ZeniMax, which brings some of the worlds most iconic, beloved games to the service. The Xbox Series X ditches the slim design of the Xbox One S and Xbox One X for something far bulkier. Later that night, however, Sony not only confirmed there would be no online requirements or restrictions on used games with the PlayStation 4, but that it would cost just $400. As a company, Microsofts all-in on gaming. Something went wrong. Activision Blizzard wont be a particularly easy acquisition for Microsoft, though. Phil Spencer is the new boss of all things Xbox, Microsoft confirms . [6][8] He has participated in Microsoft's E3 conferences since 2010. Given the four years between the release of the first Xbox and the arrival of its successor, its no surprise that after six years rumors began circulating in March 2011 that the 360 was on its way out and Microsoft was already hard at work on its next console. I got to get this thing onto the boat and head back to--. It would allow players to enter the new ecosystem more quickly, and Microsofts own Xbox console exclusives will also be compatible with Xbox One systems for at least a year after the Series X launches. I had to learn to slow down when going into a turn. These games can be played on Xbox consoles, PC, mobile, and even Steam Deck. Creators pushing us to improve, asking "what if" questions, players finding new innovative games from amazing teams etc. XBL: Iridium Six In fact, creators have generated over $350 million from more than one billion downloads of the mods, add-ons and other experiences in the game. It exemplifies, at least for me, what uniquely we can do by bringing together the power of all of Microsoft tech stack, right, from Azure AI to Bing maps, and even spatial computing, which came together to create essentially literally a digital twin of the entire planet. It was there that the Xbox developer first connected with Bungie Studios, the creators of a third-person shooter Halo: Combat Evolved. Thats why Im so excited that so many games are evolving into these metaverse economies and societies, just like Minecraft, right? Phil Spencer is executive vice president, Gaming at Microsoft. Gaming has been key to Microsoft from our earliest of days. When Microsoft brought the Xbox One to E3 the following month, things didnt get any easier. Heres what Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer had to say about his new role and the companys gaming efforts in an email to staff today: Welcome back from the holidays. We are full speed ahead in our mission to bring players more ways to play their favorite games. A mid-generation refresh also helped to make the Xbox One hardware just as appealing if not more so than the PlayStation 4. You can follow him on Twitter @GamingAngelGabe. Spencer will report to Terry Myerson, executive vice president of the company's Operating Systems Group, which covers Windows, Windows Phone and the Xbox One operating system. And because studios continuously learn from each other, these initiatives have the potential to shape how developers approach designs and features for blind/low vision players. Microsoft announced a new generation during E3 2019. You can find Zachary on Twitter @BoddyZachary. But at the same time, like, when you're fishing and you start to see the sunset, I'm like, hurry up catch your fish. Phil Spencer, former head of Xbox, will now lead this team as it focuses on gaming across Xbox, PC, mobile, and the cloud. Even with all of the problems for early adopters of the system, the 360 sold amazingly well. New York, Microsoft continued to push the envelope on both the console and its marketing budget with more demonstrations at the Electronic Entertainment Expo a few months later. Now he wants to reinvent gaming. Marc Whitten, who had served as chief product officer for Xbox, departed earlier this month for audio equipment manufacturer Sonos. The role that Spencer now occupies has been in flux ever since Don Mattrick left in 2013 to take over as CEO of Zynga. Sign up for Verge Deals to get deals on products we've tested sent to your inbox daily. If ever there was a knockout punch at a press conference, this looked to be it. Microsoft aimed to incorporate a cloud gaming service with their existing Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership, starting September 2020. By February 2003, Microsoft had already begun planning for the next generation of Xbox, codenamed Xenon at the time. By Jesse Lennox May 1, 2023 3:45AM. Xbox boss Phil Spencer is celebrating an anniversary with Xbox. First is our leadership in cloud computing; second, the resources we have to build out the subscription value with Xbox Game Pass; and third is our overall focus on empowering creators. For sighted individuals, this information is learned over time by trying different cars or courses. The company must continue to expand its manufacturing to include various systems customers can choose from according to their individual needs. The console will be packed with a new controller that mostly resembles the Xbox Ones controller design, but with a dedicated share button similar to the Nintendo Switch and PS4. We want to make it easier for people to connect and play great games wherever, whenever and however they want. He joined the DT staff in 2009 after spending time covering local news, travel features, and politics. I ditched my game consoles and went cloud-only for a week. Spencers new role officially, Head of Xbox sees him reporting directly to Myerson, who oversees the development teams on Microsofts operating systems (including Windows and Window Phone, in addition to Xbox). Early adopters were treated to a multiplayer gaming experience that was entirely new to the console industry, pitting players against competitors from all around the world in a communal environment. We look forward to extending our journey to create a more diverse and inclusive culture to our new colleagues at Activision Blizzard, and ensuring all our employees can do what they love, while thriving in a safe and welcoming environment one where everyone feels empowered to do their best work. With over 150,000 subscribers in its first week, Xbox Live was an unmitigated success, and the numbers continued to grow exponentially for Microsofts online gaming network in the years to follow. Spencer, previously operating under the lengthy "Executive Vice-President of Gaming at Microsoft" title (and more commonly referred to as the "Head of Xbox") is now officially CEO, Microsoft Gaming. Its so great to see how were working together as One Microsoft to bring the joy and community of gaming to everyone on the planet. Initially known by its internal development name Scarlett, Microsoft officially unveiled the. To start, Id like to thank everyone for all of the hard work and dedication that have built this business and this community. Blind Driving Assists are just one example of Xboxs continuous support of disabled players. Microsoft's Bethesda acquisition will bring exclusives like Starfield and Redfall, and the potential addition of all Activision Blizzard games would further bolster that list, but the console's real strength lies in third-party support. Check out Spencer's words below. All Rights Reserved, By submitting your email, you agree to our. The game is being added to Xbox Game Pass. Family Phil Spencer on the future of Xbox: we still want to take risks with games While developing traditional narrative games is harder than it has ever been, Microsoft's Xbox chief sees an.

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