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Their energy and ways to communicate are very similar to that of the North American Sasquatch that Im familiar with. [14], The "Sun Stone", a crudely-shaped obelisk, was found in a swampy area near Gympie. It was then popularized in 1975 through writings by researcher Rex Gilroy, who claimed he had discovered it. The pyramid is originally thought to have been terraced on three sides, but much of these were destroyed by bulldozing or early (or later) settlers carting away the stone for building purposes. [15][3] Reverend Stan Geddes has said the church's stone was quarried in the Rocks Road Area. Green and Mick Dale, The Gympie Pyramid Story, DVD. The Gympie Pyramid (Djaki Kundu local traditional name) is a low terraced hill located in the outskirts of Gympie in Queensland. One of the people who took part agreed to be interviewed years later, and mysteriously died on the day of the interview, the large police presence at the death causing some surprise. Best blessings. Inscribed stones from the gateway were apparently found quite recently under the floor of one of the Gympie churches from where they vanished.4. This idea was laid to rest by archaeologist Greg Jefferys, who did a survey while a student in 1990, and another survey and a limited excavation in 2007. It is not correct to say that Aboriginal people did not build stone constructions such as Djaki Kundu.. Best blessings dear friend. It is quite significant that two of the most intriguing and important archaeological sites in Australia were destroyed during those years, as to erase traces of past history. I also appreciate your advice to relax and stay healthy. Wheeler, along with local historian Dick Gould and Elaine Brown (former history officer of Gympie Regional Council[7]) have dismissed this claim. And the terraces were too high for cultivation, the more so when you consider that they become more pronounced towards the top of the pyramid. While on the . Other smelting related objects were found on the site, suggesting that smelting was done on site. The amount of corrosion on the statuette suggests that it must be of ancient origin. Gabi Gabi or Gubbi Gubbi is NOT KABI KABI written sounding or in any relation at all to Kabi mob. Australian Eucalyptus was apparently and inexplicably found in Tutankhamen?s tomb. If it involved a ritual function then very possibly there would have been connections with the stars. So were boomerangs believed to be of Australian origin. Another pyramid, or a building which looked like one, is believed to have existed at what is now Tin Can Bay, on the coast from Gympie. After our visit to Gympie, we drove through various forested places, while Trevor shared the many Yowie stories he knew about those locations and knowledge of the Originals. Normally, destruction of a major energy center such as this would have very serious consequences for the nearby community. One can also meditate on saving the pyramid, and ask meditation and ritual groups to work to preserve the pyramid. Promoting peaceful spiritual interspecies communication. Here is the link:, Pingback: Recent Yowie encounter reported in Queensland Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication. 25. What is known as the Gympie Pyramid is the rounded eastern end of a sandstone ridge north of the town of Gympie that had stone terraces cut into the sides, giving it a pyramidal shape. There is plenty of evidence of the genocides and massacres in colonialist Australia. This is just a brief summary that I post, as time permits. We would have hoped that a society dedicated to saving the site would have a website or some kind of info online, as documenting the cultural heritage is the first step to saving it. ''Dear Humans, it's time for you to start healing. Apart from these inconvenient ailments, plus ticks and the mozzies that are really not so bad, Im still fully functional and keep working full time to gather and share knowledge. Never Before Seen 3D Images Of Noahs Ark Finally Revealed To The Public, Yes, I want to donate & support Ancient Pages click here, Unusually Well-Preserved Marine Dwarf World From 462 Million Years Ago Found At Castle Bank, Wales, Bertrand du Guesclin: Eagle Of Brittany Brave, French Commander And His Clash With Sir Thomas Of Canterbury, Amazingly Well-Preserved 2,300-Year-Old Celtic Scissors And Curious Folded Sword Found By Archaeologists. Kabi is pronounced Kar-Bee one word to no other sound shape or form as We the Kabi Kabi have reclaimed the forgotten mound then known as Rocky Ridge that we call by its inherited name Djaki Kundu Not gubbi gubbi as they are from other country and are no relationship nor from any Kabi Kabi language speaking Nation groups. Mick and Melanie examining evidence of the Road Departments work We arrived at the pyramid site and I have to admit it wasn't what I'd expected. The name is believed to be a corruption of tuncumba, the aboriginal name for dugong, possibly the indigenous name of the bay.) Aboriginals taken to it in recent times declared they felt sick, and wanted to leave. MYSTERY WIRE Ancient civilizations around the world built pyramids in Egypt, China, Central America, but the oldest of them all might be in Europe. But the pyramid may have ways of striking back, which will be interesting to see. The Gympie Pyramid (Djaki Kundu local traditional name) is a low terraced hill located in the outskirts of Gympie in Queensland. The Gympie Pyramid near the town of Gympie in Queensland, Australia has long been a source of fascination for people from around the world as well as Australia, and the subject of a great many claims about its origin and true purpose. [16] Wheeler believes it was probably carved by Chinese gold prospectors. If the pyramid is bulldozed and skeletons found, it will create a serious problem for the plans of the Queensland government, since it would have to regard it as a sacred site. Terraces are not usually constructed for agricultural purposes unless there is a shortage of arable land, which is certainly not the case in Gympie. This account has since been corroborated by another clairvoyant, Richard Shar, while using psychometry (reading the past) long distance from Adelaide.18 Visiting psychics report seeing an inner chamber in the pyramid containing various artefacts, and in particular, commonly report seeing a large dark crystal. It will be interesting when we are finally able to put together maps of the psychic centres around Australia. [7] It is currently on display at the Gympie Gold Mining and Historical Museum. New Dawn Magazine and the respective author.For our reproduction notice, click here. There are plenty of websites addressing the Gympie pyramid, many unworthy of attention and a few interesting ones. The most often proposed theories suggest that it was constructed by Egyptians, backed by the Gosford hieroglyphs further down the coast, by Hindus as suggested by ancient Vedic scriptures and the statues allegedly found on site, by Incas as there are prickly pear cactus growing at the summit while Australia has no native species of cactus, by Chinese as it resembles observation platforms built by them, or by Pacific islanders from Tonga, as the Tongan empire reached from Indonesia to New Zealand a millennium ago and they also built stepped stone structures. While on top of the Gympie pyramid, I felt stung on the knee and saw two little holes, but didnt pay any attention at first thinking it was a cactus; but on the following day, my knee is inflated and painful, which could mean a snake or spider bite, and Im having an allergic reaction similar to hay fever, which could also be caused by a new pollen unknown to my organism. Jefferys 2006, page 5 and Mick Dale (PC). It took him seven years of search through many tribes before he finally found the Kadaicha in the Kimberley, who passed on to him the knowledge and succession of the Kimberley Kadaicha. Greg Jefferys, The Gympie Pyramid The Big Dig Report, 27 March 2007. As a guardian of Djaki Kundu, I am priveledged to have been given the stories of the sacred place which have been handed down the generations since time immemorial. The well-known surveyor Len Beadell is said to have found a pyramid on the Nullabor plains, and was told by the local aborigines that the pyramid was outside the dreamtime, and that it was very bad luck to talk about it. If so, nothing else has been found on it to support this theory. Newly Observed Effect Makes Atoms Transparent To Certain Frequencies Of Light, Newly Discovered Electrical Activity Within Cells Could Change The Way Researchers Think About Biological Chemistry, Dark Couple Most Massive Touching Stars Ever Found Will Eventually Collide As Black Holes, Frequent Fires Struck Antarctica During The Age Of Dinosaurs, 75 Million Years Ago New Evidence, New Photos Of The Puzzling 7,000-Year-Old Circular Structure Near Prague And New Attempt To Solve The Neolithic Mystery, First Sumerian Revolt People Oppose The Harsh Akkadian Empire. Efforts should be made to save the pyramid. What is known as 'The Gympie Ape' was found in a paddock diagonally opposite the pyramid, by Dell Barry and Ken Blakemore, a former owner of the pyramid. I was a member of the Dhamurian Society who spent 30 years trying to save the GP site for its ancient connections and those of the Kabi Kabi people (Gubbi and Gabi etc are false names). It is rumoured the gold in the funeral mask of Tutankhamen has been traced to Gympie. Known as the Gympie Pyramid, the structure has been connected to the Egyptians, the Chinese and even the South Americans of ancient time. What we know is that the site was purchased in 2005 by the Dhamurian Society, an obscure group meant to investigate the pyramid that has done nothing more than try to debunk it. The group claims how 'Walsh's Pyramid', located some 30 minutes west of the popular Australian coastal city, stands a staggering 922 meters in height. There have been many objects found there that do not fit in with the theory that it was built in the 19th-20th century. No signs of Yowie, but a rich biodiversity, including the Cassowary, biggest bird on this continent. You dont have to go far to find academic references to other ancient First Nation stone constructions all over the continent and islands of the Great South Land. In doing so he is said to have destroyed the remaining two columns and dumped them in a mineshaft. Dowsers have found the pyramid is on a major energy line, and energy rays out in four directions, like a Maltese cross. [2] [3] It is not a pyramid in the Egyptian or South American sense. Afterwards it is said he suffered illnesses, bad dreams and mechanical trouble, and started seeing figures in his house near the pyramid. Thanks for your appreciation. [1] It consists of the rounded eastern end of a sandstone ridge, and is located on the Gympie Connection Road, some 5km (3.1mi) north-east of the town of Gympie in Queensland, Australia.[2][3]. More recently, a passenger flying across central Australia saw a pyramid in the desert north of Alice Springs. The ridge has been subject to many claims about its origins, from extra-terrestrials to ancient Egyptians and more recently, Aboriginal construction crews. Old photos allegedly representing the Gympie pyramid were later debunked as showing other locations. It consists of the rounded eastern end of a sandstone ridge, and is located on the Gympie Connection Road, some 5 km (3.1 mi) north-east of the town of Gympie in Queensland, Australia.. Photos show the Valley of the Pyramids in Bosnia. The shape was due to erosion and the stones from the retaining walls having been removed for other uses. Gilroy made some questionable assumptions, for instance by quoting non-existing sources in his books, or describing the Yowie as relict Homo Erectus who were hairless but mistakenly perceived as hairy men for wearing kangaroo skins, or by presenting random strange looking rocks as ancient hominin skulls. The pyramid is 30.4 metres (100ft) high and has six stone terraces varying from 10 metres wide at the bottom to two metres wide towards the top, and incorporate some natural rock features. Gympie was a gold-mining area, which would account for members of other civilizations being there. According to the website it was first recorded by a European in the 1850s. Allow this video to speak for itself. Gympie also stands at the meeting point of three major ley lines connecting at sixty degree angles: one running roughly east to west towards the alignment of the three biggest rock formations of this land, Attila, Uluru and Kata Tjuta; one going west-south-west through the Piliga pyramids towards the worlds oldest stone circles and arrangements in Victoria forming a large triangle; and one running south-south-east through the Glass House Mountains to the Australian Stonehenge in Mullumbimby, a megalithic arrangement considered as the oldest one on Earth, that was destroyed in the 1940s, but the stone were marked in order, relocated about a mile away and recently found. Jefferys found that the terraces were in some cases constructed with very heavy stones, some in excess of one ton in weight. Protesters say they were there to protect the sacred Rocky Ridge site, known as Djaki Kundu. There has been considerable consistency in the findings of psychics and clairvoyants visiting the site. . These have slots in the centre, which may have been for offerings and iron bars have been found on the site that fit the slots.2. Internationally aclaimed psychic/medium Greg Sheehy from Birisbane ( , visited Gympie Pyramid in Australia. The Three Sisters towering above the Jamison Valley, Australia. He ended up shooting himself. More recently, a passenger flying across central Australia saw a pyramid in the desert north of Alice Springs. Greetings Jakub. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. [12], However a group of local Kabi Kabi people say that Djaki Kundu is a sacred site, which had been used for their gatherings and ceremonies for a long time, and had connections to the songlines of the seven sisters, the water spirit and four fish dreamings. It will be interesting when we are finally able to put together maps of the psychic centers around Australia. The name is believed to be a corruption of tuncumba, the aboriginal name for dugong, possibly the indigenous name of the bay.) This guy actually belives in the Gympie Pyramid 19,695 views Jun 19, 2016 230 Dislike Share Save Rebel Films 40.9K subscribers Amoungst Australias weird and wonderful mysteries the Gympie. This pyramid-hill in the Rockhampton district, Queensland rises 90 meters high with its four sides facing the four points of the compass. However, at the present time it can only be concluded the pyramid was built by unknown people for an unknown purpose. [7], a stellar origin story concerning the seven sisters, "Surface Hill Uniting Church (entry 601529)", "Police, roads officials remove 'trespassers' from Gympie Bypass", "Cultural Heritage Survey of Rocky Ridge,Gympie", "Aboriginal Site (Little Rocky Creek Grinding Grooves)", "Bruce HighwayCooroy to Curra Section D: Woondum to Curra", "Two large earthquakes in southeast Queensland in the 1860s- Fact or Fiction? This lady said nothing but bade him welcome by gestures. The image to the left was supplied to me by Brett Green and it was claimed to be an old photo that shows the summit of the Gympie Pyramid site prior to a previous land owner running a bulldozer over it. [4] There is a disputed claim as to the Aboriginal significance of the site. Quite possibly it was regarded as a place of evil spirits. A prophecy exists to the effect that a pyramid will be found in central Australia sometime this century, and that this site will be a major spiritual centre. Since the 1960s people have encountered white-clad female spirits, who identified themselves as guardians of the site. The page was initially set up to be able to share pictures and stories about the Gympie pyramid or more respectfully, Djaki Kundu. There is no trace of old vine stems, or roots or trellises, such as one would associate with former vine cultivation, and there is no equipment for wine making in the way of vats, etc. I felt a need to correct many incorrect statements and claims made in your essay. The pyramid became a source of much speculation and interest as unusual phenomena were reportedly seen or experienced on it, and unusual artefacts found nearby suggesting contact with earlier civilisations, and was given publicity by writer Rex Gilroy. Much will be lost if the Gympie Pyramid is destroyed, especially if it goes unexcavated and unexplored. Brett Green mentions that local residents used to see Nim Nim lights on top of the pyramid,15 and other phenomena have been encountered. at that time and on the outskirts of the city to be was a great pile of hand-hewn sandstone blocks ready to be recycled .the church goers even had picnics at the site and helpers loaded their wagons with the blocks and carried them back to new church or wall constructions still a very touchy subject in those circles today with plenty of denials fearing repercussions. What if fails to note is the uncomfortable truth that during the colonisation of the Gympie region, some Kabi guardians of Djaki Kundu, men, women and children, were certainly killed when living at and protecting Djaki Kundu. Psychics maintain the Gympie Pyramid has links with nearby and as yet undiscovered pyramids in the Gympie area, with pyramids in central Australia and the Nullabor, and with remains in Antarctica. Note that Gympie, as most Australian towns, has a well evidenced masonic temple and masonic monuments, and that the church bears the word masons. Like them, in spite of me begging, they are reluctant to be recorded, but of all the clips I took, they allowed me to record a few grunts, wood knocks, branches snapping and footsteps. There is a powerful healing vortex at the top, near the grinders, and three people, including local resident and pyramid supporter Mick Dale, have, on separate occasions, experienced considerable healing for back problems there.14. So far three iron bars have been found on the pyramid, and at least one of these fits exactly into the central piercing of the flat diamond shaped stones. If so, this would suggest a sacred site. Greg Jefferys points out that it would have made a good fort given its location,12 but there is no evidence for this, and it does not 'feel' like one. A piece of bloomery iron was found on the pyramid along with other fragments during the 2007 visit by Greg Jefferys suggested smelting on the pyramid. One of the most frequently encountered apparitions are soldiers wearing bronze helmets and armor and holding shields. This would account for foreign contact in the area, and seismic uplift has since emptied the lakes. A bronze statuette depicting either the Indian goddess Lakshmi or the Tibetan goddess Tara was found in clay in a creek bed in the Gympie region. (Tin Can Bay has nothing to do with tin cans. Cauper owned the land between 1875 and 1890. People feel there is much more to be learnt from the Gympie Pyramid, and it should at least be properly excavated. [14], Marilyn Pye also suggested the stones used in the construction of the church's retaining wall in 1938 (see above) had been removed from the pyramid. On the summit of the pyramid mound, there was a well whose location is still visible, which was said to always hold water. Greg also found that the existing side of the pyramid faces south-east, making it unsuitable for wine growing, Vine cultivators are advised to use areas facing north. This form of smelting has not been used in Australia as it died out in the Middle Ages, with some exceptions in parts of Asia. When we drove to Gympie, we passed by the Mounts Coolum, Cooroy and Pomona, that are roughly pyramidal in shape and generally aligned on a south-east line from Gympie. It includes the ruins of six or seven low terraces associated . He also has had good connection with the Yowie and has been called to intervene in cases when people are frightened by them. The Gympie Pyramid is a nickname for an archaeological site otherwise known as Rocky Ridge, or Djaki Kundu by the Gubbi Gubbi / Kabi Kabi people. The fact that it has three legs suggests it was a wine pot. There were more kangaroos there than I had ever seen in one day and place. The Deep Creek, a gully just near the Mary River, is a profitable spot for gold panning. An interesting little stone lined cell has recently been found at the base of the pyramid. 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There would have been a major problem with watering the terraces, and there is no visible sign of any of the pipes and pumps that would be necessary. Thank you Cindy, truly appreciated. There has been no major archaeological excavation of the Gympie Pyramid. It is rumored the gold in the funeral mask of Tutankhamen has been traced to Gympie. A AspirantjazzLady 339 followers More information Gympie Pyramid of Australia in Ramayana Modern Study Anthropology Interesting Stuff Pranks Pyramids New Zealand Strange Coast Ancient More information . Since the Aborigines did not make this type of construction, they have been ruled out. The yellow head is thought to have been one that was mistakenly dropped during the excavation. ", "Djaki Kundu, (Rocky Ridge in English) also known as 'The Gympie Pyramid', Sutherland Shire Historical Society Bulletin,, 63 Gympie Connection Rd, Victory Heights QLD 4570, Australia, This page was last edited on 12 October 2022, at 19:10. Truths need to be told, and listened to. The stones were provided in 1937 by an anonymous donor and represent the only example of polygonal construction blocks found in Australia. Its interior remains unknown and has been a source of speculation, and there are believed to be three or four entrances, some blocked, leading into it. People about to ascend the pyramid frequently experience being stopped by invisible means, and have to obtain permission before going up. Indeed, the Original Peoples used to build stone structures. Fortunately they were recorded in a diary by John Green, a great grandfather of Brett Green, a local historian who has spent much of his life researching the pyramid, and is the author of a book entitled The Gympie Pyramid Story.3, Gold was found at Gympie in 1867, and settlement began from that year. The yellow head is thought to have been one that was mistakenly dropped during the excavation.23, What is known as The Gympie Ape was found in a paddock diagonally opposite the pyramid, by Dell Barry and Ken Blakemore, a former owner of the pyramid. Id like to thank all our readers, friends and allies online and off line, and remind that I greatly appreciate all donations to help me continue on this mission and work. In 1978 Rex Gilroy claimed the statue was verified by unnamed experts as being a 3000-year-old statue of the Egyptian god Thoth. This was destroyed when the pyramid was bombarded by banana shaped aircraft, possibly from Atlantis. [9], In 1938 a retaining wall, featuring polygonally-cut stone, was built at the Surface Hill Uniting Church by relief workers, at a cost of 3000. A low stone wall at the Gympie pyramid site The pyramid, perhaps unsurprisingly, is a low terraced hill shaped like a pyramid. The Originals knew they could always find water on that Rocky Ridge top, even in dry season. Inspection of the soil in the terraces reveals only poor or rather thin native soils, becoming sandy in the top trenches, and show no sign of backfilling with more fertile soils. Ancient Desert Mystery Did Thousands Vanish Without A Trace Because Of An Ominous Prophecy And Revenge? (For more details, read my last book HAIRY HUMANOIDS FROM THE WILD). The stone is decorated with an inscription of a symbolic sun and two bowing snakes facing away from each other. The head has healing properties. One thing we should all agree on is that Djaki Kundun is an ancestral sacred site, it should be protected and left to the care of the Original Custodians. To date their purpose in doing so remains unknown. Other pyramids are believed to have been seen in New South Wales. Thank you for facilitating the trip and hosting me while in the region. Australian Eucalyptus was apparently and inexplicably found in Tutankhamens tomb. It is also connected by energy lines with what may be other pyramids or energy centres in the area.13 The pyramid may serve the function of drawing energy down (or up) and then radiating it over the countryside. Follow me at:Rumble: from Google Earth are for educational purpose. For those of you who think that this is an ideal life, I need to clarify a little. So the info in this article is what was available when I was visiting there. Amanitore Nubian Warrior Queen And Her Pyramids, El Mirador: Ancient Pyramids Hidden In The Lost City Of The Maya, Kingdom Of Nubia: Pyramids And Priceless Secrets Of A Civilization Forgotten By History And Neglected By Archaeology. One of these was blond and wore a heavy gold necklace. These include among other things (refer to illustrations on page 50): a carved, yellow stone head suggesting South American influence; an ancient statuette of the Indian goddess Lakshmi; a Grecian urn; an ancient Chinese bronze teapot, and an apparent stone statue of an ape-like figure, known as The Gympie Ape. Your email address will not be published. There would have been a major problem with watering the terraces, and there is no visible sign of any of the pipes and pumps that would be necessary. He attributed the construction of the terraces to Italian wine growers or other immigrants in the nineteenth century. Brett J. Best blessings, Pingback: If you cant go to the Yowie Mountain, the Yowie Mountain will come to you, by SunBw Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication. People feel there is much more to be learnt from the Gympie Pyramid, and it should at least be properly excavated. Mainstream sources like wikipedia dismiss too easily the Gympie pyramid as a post-colonial construction built either by Italian or Swiss farmers in the late 1800s, as terraces to grow vines. Yet, the mystery remains and deeper research shows that there is much more to this site than covered by most previous authors.

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