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Quietly, though, Franz and Bean, with support from McRae, lead us away from the fireworks to the more emotionally engaging struggle to determine the future of the family homestead and, by extension, of the family itself and, if you accept Wilsons sometimes too obvious metaphor, even of the nation. Matthew 26:14-16 NRSV. A writer! It can be serious or comedic but for kids, the key is to find short but sweet snippets that are easy to memorize yet also poignant. The people are on his side? The last week came. She would like to be a singer and hopes to have her own recording studio. Its a conflict that just about any kid (and parent) will understand. 6, 500 Comparative Phrases including 800 Shakespearean Metaphors by, Leonard Maltin's 2003 Movie and Video Guide, Ridiculous!The Theatrical Life & Times of Charles Ludlam, Somewhere For Me, a Biography of Richard Rodgers, The New York Times Book of Broadway: On the Aisle for the Unforgettable Plays of the Last Century. were, he can ask Gillian to make his tea for all I care! I shouldnt be thinking of all the negative things about Joe.The problem is that they take up most of the thoughts whenever I think about the way Joe is. Me! Review by Thomas . Your comment is The Fifth of July by Lanford Wilson (Shirley): "I'm going to be the greatest artist Missouri has ever Years passed quickly. I prayed for him, to find new friends, a new cause to move beyond the people who were intent upon armed conflict with the Romans. Yes, he took 30 pieces of silver, in exchange for telling the temple priests where Jesus was. 0000001641 00000 n His face would shine when he told us that the days of King David would return. We gave him a name that reflected our joy. 2021 PROGma Net Sistemas Ltda CNPJ: 10.404.592/0001-60. My Judas was among those brought into the inner circle of Jesuss close friends. In the evening's early stages, Mr. Thomas shuts out Kenneth's past and future with an unsettling, yet amusing, pose of detached cynicism. Hey Wall!! Together they have created the tightly-knit community that Mr. Wilson's familial, democratic vision demands. Once drugs and booze start to bring back his old memories, the actor reveals his feelings of anger and loss, lashing out with red-faced fury at friends who betrayed him. and I . Lewis had gotten married at [], You prepare a table before mein the presence of my enemies;you anoint my head with oil. Psalm 23:5 In the ancient world, anointing a person with oil had several meanings. Do you really think that Judas . I have noticed something has changed as far as audition requirements go, though! Fifth of July debuted in New York City at the Circle Repertory Company in 1978, directed by Marshall W. Mason and starring William Hurt as Ken and Jeff Daniels, as Jed. Monologues are an essential part of a stage actors career, and that includes actors from ALL walks of life! Find a monologue that tells a story and has emotional relevance, Pick a speech from one of your favorite plays or movies this is a great way to help you remember the lines, Preparation is key when youre getting ready for an audition. Ed. I like to think that he doesnt mean to hurt me he just acts the way he sees is acceptable. date the date you are citing the material. Kenneth (Ken) Talley, Jr., the current owner of the Talley Place, which has been in the family for generations. All the wonderful things that Jesus was doing. Also, try searching the web for a free short monologue script and you can definitely spend some time exploring and trying things out! Thats the kind of thing that Shirley Valentine would do, she was a true rebel she. Just astonishing! He and Jed resume making plans for the garden and for Ken to teach in the fall. A composer! Is that she? I led a study on The Chosen last year for Season One. WebMonologues - OLATHE SOUTH THEATRE Male Action by Shepard Album Billy or Boo All My Sons Chris Angels Fall Salvatore Zappala Angels in America Joe Amadeus Mozart American Buffalo Teach Amulets Against the Dragon Forces Chris Asymmetry Julius An Audible Sign Gale Aw, Wilderness Richard Balm in Gilead Fick Bash by LaBute Bent I've been teaching acting (and singing!) Tell me that you are free of sin! Weve gathered five pairs for women and five pairs for men to get you started! 0000002148 00000 n The heady political days of the 60s and the groups interpersonal relationships are rehashed. Author: L.E. When he and Ken talk over the old days, he reveals by the force of his denial that he blames himself for Kens injury. Awww bless Brian, at least he has a chance to fulfil his dreams. Visit Berkeleysides Events Calendar. %PDF-1.4 % We laughed togetherwe cuddledwe..we were happy. You who know how he asks you to live . Not that Jesus lacked any himself, but his was more directed, more focused. In Noah Beans sensitive, attractive portrayal, Jed leads us to like and trust him almost instinctively; he radiates solid goodness without being the least bit of a prig. But me! . One of the fresh, modern aspects of the 1978 Fifth of July by Pulitzer Prize winner Lanford Wilson (19372011) is that it concerns a gay couple whose sexuality is never questioned. Also present is Kens aunt, Sally Talley Friedman (Elizabeth Benedict), who, a year after the death of her husband Matt, still has his ashes in a candy box, uncertain of their proper disposition. Oh, how I love this book! My students and I have noticed that most audition notices mirror those of a professional adult actor, where you need to prepare and memorize a one minute monologue. IT IS SHE! Emily S. Mendel reviews Berkeleys vibrant theater scene for Berkeleyside. Judas was changing. Us two till the end we have each other. Having lost his legs in a war he didn't want to fight, this man no longer believes in anything - his family legacy, his teaching career, his devoted lover. could not find your e-mail or password. didnt care about anything or what anyone thought of her. Was it a backward look at life, or on a day when he successfully fought off those who would steal the sheep he was shepherding? 0000005539 00000 n What keeps us watching her is that shes the most believably human, most contradictory and therefore likely, character onstage. Very versatile, and needless to say a fun classic! Set in an boathouse near rural Lebanon, Missouri in 1944, it is a romantic comedy following the characters Matt Friedman and Sally Talley as they settle their feelings for each other. I learnt that on countdown yesterday! Mr. Thomas plays Kenneth Talley Jr., a paraplegic Vietnam War veteran who wishes to sell his family homestead to a pair of visiting friends from his old college days at Berkeley. The last date is today's Hey! Often, the arguments Jesus got into were about the heavy burdens our leaders had forced on us. Oh God, I better stop now or Im going to overheat because Im already confusing, myself with all this thinking business it must be this cheap wine Im drinking anyway. June Talley, Kens sister, another former member of the commune. Brontosaurus - Play. Do you love the people that Jesus loves? Hours later we found him crying for him mama. . And although these elements detract from the evening, Fifth of July is still largely a satisfying play. Im not exactly going to go back the shops to buy another steak am I? Or a dancer! This monologue can be found on the excellent resource, Stage Agent. Judas decided, he would put him in a situation where Jesus would be forced to show his power. The play made its Broadway debut in 1980, again directed by Marshall W. Mason with Jeff Daniels reprising the role of Jed, Christopher Reeve as Ken and Swoosie Kurtz as Gwen. Lights, David Weiner. Her final, unexpected triumph over her emptiness - once an amusing plot twist - has been transformed into a cause for cheering. Mike Teavee is for a young boy that has no problem playing very bratty! It was used to symbolize that a person was chosen by God. Day and night we stayed with him until the day his fever broke and he looked up and smiled at us. How I wish, he had stood before him once more. Although he and his partner Jed have put three years into fixing up the home and gardens, Ken is prepared to sell the Talley Place to John and Gwen and start a new life somewhere else. Certain people will literally have cardiac arrests at the magnitude of my achievements. Webanyone but June, John and Ken, Shirley is John's daughter, and his visit has as much to do with a desire to gain joint custody of Shirley as it does with the house. I can see her monologue being awesome for a show like Matilda! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! The first of these, the Pulitzer winner Talleys Folly, focuses on the courtship in 1944 of Sally Talley, and even in this earlier play its clear that the most fascinating character to Wilson and, perhaps, to us is that same Sally, now older and widowed, who here appears at the side of the action as veteran Ken Talley Jr.s aunt. Another rationale for such restrained performances may be the small size of the stage. will help you with any book or any question. No the entire Midwest. There was that time when he slipped away on a journey to a neighboring village. Gwen's dizzy, bombed-out wisecracks arrive from behind an ill-disguised haze of almost tragic psychological disorientation: When Miss Kurtz gets her big laughs, she saddens us at the same time. There have been very famous people world famous people Tennessee Williams grew up in Missouri. When it comes down to a kids monologue, it is best to opt for something fun. Even so, he never loses sight of his delicate theme. The character, Shirley, has so much excitement as she looks for the future, making it a If you or your child are auditioning for a. , you need to find the right short funny monologues for such a specific type of audition. No matter what age you are or what kind of role youre auditioning for (. any more. . And Mark Twain. The play was first produced by the Circle Repertory Company on April 27, 1978. Veruca is also bratty and over the top beyond belief, and can also work for a young girl good at British accents, when necessary. Mr. Wilson's powerful play seems infinitely wise about love and family, about America's past, present and future. Want to know what else is going on in Berkeley and nearby? By the end of the second act, decisions will have been reached and changes made. H]oF]blYa2kjmH]DRS[8W)vtNq|cL& b l5:|02HYN/_ =6nGH$Q]AUPUhq]xxd,$E]5\uE]&a"#=i={$;BO=#dM!JsG#/ btzr F,d!ILjr$C8arbHr9jGhL 2r/S 8&FCn1dhN7tba47v0|u{A8HCt9 ts#&/a $zK@!c~>W%Bx>C/18x8JC8ZPh#;-mi@z1b( H>B#Q0d Q`em%Wgv3Nn`r3'7e'$`$WKSDZC|moz+&1H3+4fvlF?on&ADtywH>y?gv!o<`1%LN{0zFgVrv?KD?oupUqL(!CN8+j5$|.n=IBrL Todos os direitos reservados. Charlie Brown self-sabotages his attempts to win over his cute little redhead in this goofy monologue. Costume Designer Webfifth of july monologue 2M views Discover short videos related to fifth of july monologue on TikTok. Unable to handle commune lifeor perhaps unable to accept his own feelings for KenJohn lied to get rid of Ken and married the wealthy Gwen. Which meant, I would stay in bed, instead of getting up to use the [], Doors of the small rural church I served were always unlocked. This is a digitized version of an article from The Timess print archive, before the start of online publication in 1996. The character, Shirley, has so much excitement as she looks for the future, making it a high-octane, positive, and hilarious choice for kids who want to impress the audition panel. My belief in Easter is set in life experiences and years of pastoral ministry. Set in rural Missouri in 1977, it revolves around the Talley family and their friends, and focuses on the disillusionment with A 42-year-old married woman cooking for her lazy arsed husband who complains, about working all day. and will work for school shows, community theaters, and professional productions, too. It seems like all of a sudden theater and acting is cool. Its what comes after, when the bright lights are fading and the noises stop. We wondered what the future held for him and what kind of difference he would make in our community. Music and sound, Obadiah Eaves. Kens sister, June Talley (Jennifer Le Blanc) and her 13-going-on-23-year old drama queen daughter, Shirley (Oceana Ortiz) are staying at the family home to attend a relatives funeral. Memorizing your lines is important, but so, too, is knowing what to do if you cant think of them! A little of Gwens self-conscious posturing and Shirleys overwrought soliloquizing goes a long, long way. But Jesus didnt make his move. Its perfect for all sorts of tween through teen girl actors. (This drama was inspired by Faith, a woman in one of my churches who Wondered what it must have felt like, to be the mother of Judas.) I remember the day Judas was born. This is true. And an opportunity to find Shirley Valentine. Miss Kurtz's character is now in proper perspective, and her performance is even better. Start: I was standing at the side of the Nephew. 0000002114 00000 n Will the materialists, in the form of the Landises and their desire to buy the house from Ken and turn it into a recording studio, win out? but I dont that Claymore will be willing to give the steak back. This is a great way to hone your skills and pinpoint where, exactly, your specific talents lie! Once again, the setting is the Talley family farm in Lebanon, Mo., but the year is now 1977. This is beautifully expressed through the character of Shirley. The script is available from Dramatic Publishing. What surprise, hes going to have hell probably think Im having an affair as it isnt his birthday, Im tired of having set food for each day of the week, if he wants to eat his tea hes, going to eat whatever I want to cook him not what he want otherwise he can buy and, cook his own tea and ill do mine. Knowing how to improvise is an important skill for any actor and its something youll learn at some of your first. . document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); We dont know when David, who would one day be king of Israel, wrote this psalm. (LogOut/ He would tell me, Im sure mama. If he wants to eat his tea hes going to have whats around to eat if not he can go else. Its 1977, and were at the Lebanon, Missouri childhood home of Kenneth Talley, Jr. (Craig Marker) a legless Vietnam veteran, who lives with his partner, botanist Jed Jenkins (Josh Schell). for a husband to act ad that he gets influences from the way he saw and sees husbands treating their wives. Jonathan Hogan, as Gwen's predatory husband, and Mary Carver, as old Aunt Sally, have become full participants in the confrontations of Act II; they have a tremulous complexity that wasn't there before. In every case, the supporting cast is rewarding the text with greater depth than before. . date the date you are citing the material. Just remember that artistic staff have the one-minute limit for actors because they have so many people to see. Without waxing sentimental or camouflaging painful realities, Mr. Wilson shows how people can rise from personal and political bitterness to embrace what is good in one another and their country. The Fifth of July by Lanford Wilson In this monologue, the goal is energy. Lewis. publication online or last modification online. Ben Siegler, a newcomer to the cast, is no less funny as the play's one unreconstructed 60's freak. Set in rural Missouri in 1977, it revolves around the Talley family and their friends, and focuses on the disillusionment in the wake An actress! Here I am in the kitchen cooking for him. Hosanna! But Ken is now reluctant to teach at the local high school as he had planned, and is considering selling the house. It seems like all of a sudden theater and acting is cool. 0000000016 00000 n Finally, a strong and healthy son. Are you so innocent of evil? But you! We didnt know what was wrong and we were so afraid of losing him. A unique perspective. I believe in Easter, in part, because of the other resurrections in my life. They couldnt go anywhere without being spotted. In ''Fifth of July,'' Mr. Thomas not only gives a performance that gracefully builds to shattering dimensions, but he has also sparked the rest of the company to follow suit. I began to worry. Even though I talk to you through out the rest of the day too. If youre truly nervous about your upcoming audition, theres no harm in getting some advice from your acting teacher or even in signing up for acting lessons for the first time, either. People will die. }( - Or will loving care and familial bonds gardeners and grandmothers keep the temptations of the Me Decade at bay? Hope you find some you like! Augustus is for a confident budding character actor who has no problem poking fun of his husky size (there are lots of roles like Augustus out there, one of his monologues, done well, could get a young actor lots of work!). Best of luck, and break a leg! For as she says at the end of play, "The important thing is to find your vocation and work like hell at it. Shirley Valentine I know your still in there and one day I know ill find you in, me or maybe I dont find but someone else will, and that doesnt necessarily mean itll. The only good thing about this time of. At the magnitude. How can a mother not love the child she has borne, the one she has carried next to her heart? He threw the 30 pieces of silver at them. I worried a man was hiding there. In this monologue, the goal is energy. WebFifth of July Lanford Wilson 3.85 628 ratings28 reviews Ken Talley, a Vietnam vet who lost his legs in combat, lives in a farmhouse in rural Missouri with his lover, Jed. Joe is almost home and he is in for a big treat today. Balm in Gilead - Play. Along the way, he dredges up two overlapping love triangles (one homosexual, one heterosexual) from Kenneth's past, stirs the ashes of the 60's antiwar movement and illuminates a tri-generational family saga. She has an immense inherited fortune, over which John has taken control without her knowledge. WebSome Background on the Play . More specifically, its, Heres the reality: its MUCH more competitive these days for all ages, and that includes kids at the non-professional level as well. Yep youre right! I dont think Id ever have thought about doing Judass mother, as a monologue, if it werent for the person talking to me about it. own tea, so this will rattle his cage. Both options are VERY versatile! Youve never betrayed Jesus for a few pieces of money? When he started to mix with Jesus, I didnt know what to think. WebLooking high and low for contrasting monologues for your next audition or competition? Ellie Sassano - Shirley's monologue from The 5th of July - YouTube Recorded Nov 7, 2021 Recorded Nov 7, 2021 AboutPressCopyrightContact Jed Jenkins, Kens lover and friend. And how much beauty there is! Already a member? How else could he heal those people? By then there were crowds who would swarm around Jesus and his disciples. So much joy! Ohhh Wall sorry Ive talking in my head how could you of heard me, youre a good listener but you arent psychic. For information, extended performance dates and tickets, visit the Aurora Theatres website. All his formative years. The second date is today's With this younger generation that includes her gay nephew and single-mother niece, she feels part of a family again. And o course Joe will always be complaining about his tea as usual and asking why. You . These monologues are definitely just that. Though written earlier, ''Fifth of July'' is a sequel to Mr. Wilson's ''Talley's Folly.'' She has been a bad mother because she has no sense of direction herself, but she is the most sensible of the four friends, and she speaks frankly and kindly to Ken about his fears. xb```V cc`a $~7XA];vt@3%vb*!aFdE; 0000029180 00000 n He grew up not three blocks from where I live now! Psalm 23 is beloved because of its encouraging words. There are times my son would act before he thought. from other people, I told myself at school that if I was going to be treated unfairly at least there should be a reason so I turned into a rebel. This is a lot to keep straight, and Terry Kinneys lively but sometimes too frenetic staging doesnt make it any easier: The first 20 minutes, at least, provoke a welter of questions along the lines of Who is that? and Why should we care? Kinney also gives too free rein to the shenanigans of the showiest players in the showiest parts, Kally Duling as the precocious Shirley and Jennifer Mudge as the starstruck Gwen. Sally and Matt may be familiar to those of you who have seen Auroras joyous production of Talleys Folly, now playing at Auroras Theatres Harrys Upstage through June 7, 2015. Anyone can read what you share. *This is one of a series of monologues I wrote and used in the churches I served, prior to retirement. Mr. Wilson somehow packs his play with comic asides that cover phenomena as varied as eskimos, U.F.O. On that day, Joy and C.S. Yep youre right! We were so very proud of our boy. He was a bright little boy. A Vietnam veteran who lost both legs in the war, he is resisting returning to his former life as a schoolteacher because he fears that the students will not accept his disability., Inc. publication in traditional print. IT IS SHE! One of the arts! It meant, Thanksgiving praise unto God. We did have much to praise God for. At night I would be terrified. STAGE: RICHARD THOMAS SPARKS 'FIFTH OF JULY', Slowly getting to a sitting position; with great dignity) She died of cardiac arrest and astonishment at the magnificence of my achievement in my chosen field. Jed says little and defers to Ken when others are around. Heres the thing about these one minute monologues: they require lots of imagination, and may be best for more intermediate young actors. This is the scene towards the end where Dorothy wakes up in Auntie Ems house, recalling her dream of her magical Oz adventure to Em and the farmhands. or even in signing up for acting lessons for the first time, either. what happened we werent like this when we first got married you know. Not sure where to start or which of these 1 minute monologue from a play to choose? (This drama was inspired by Faith, a woman in one of my churches who Wondered what it must have felt like, to be the mother of Judas.) I remember the day Judas was born. and You . This entire show is a GEM! We stumble and fall. Its worth a try and if I do find her I can come back with hope to improve, my life, tell Joe how I really feel and maybe hell understand me and try to, TurnItIn the anti-plagiarism experts are also used by: King's College London, Newcastle University, University of Bristol, University of Cambridge, WJEC, AQA, OCR and Edexcel, Business, Companies and Organisation, Activity, Height and Weight of Pupils and other Mayfield High School investigations, Lawrence Ferlinghetti: Two Scavengers in a Truck, Two Beautiful People in a Mercedes, Moniza Alvi: Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan, Changing Materials - The Earth and its Atmosphere, Fine Art, Design Studies, Art History, Crafts, European Languages, Literature and related subjects, Linguistics, Classics and related subjects, Structures, Objectives & External Influences, Global Interdependence & Economic Transition, Acquiring, Developing & Performance Skill, Sociological Differentiation & Stratification. With all due respect to ''Talley's Folly,'' why not throw in last season as well? So he can tell her to give him his steak back. (@daily_.vibezzz), Kacey Dirksen(@kaceydirksen), Charlie xref I dont want to be taken for granted anymore Im sick and tired of it. Although the kid giving the monologue might not understand all the jokes, its all in the delivery. Soon after moving to St. Louis on her own, she gave birth to Shirley, a daughter John has never acknowledged or supported. We mess up our lives. complaining about what I have and dreaming about, All this thinking is becoming upsetting, I think Im really losing it now. Oh! Here are some one-minute comedic monologues for middle schoolers and all age kids to try: 1. Often he would tell us about the Messiah who would come and reclaim Israel. WILLIAMSTOWN — Lanford Wilson wrote his seriocomic family drama “Fifth of July’’ as a kind of metaphor for the United States just after the Vietnam War, with a disabled gay veteran at the center of a conflict over loyalty, duty, love, and the lure of money. More specifically, its cool for kids! Tell me that you have never betrayed a friend! But poor claymore hes such a sweet bloodhound hell have to go without his Muesli..Not! Jlio Xavier Da Silva, N. 0000008627 00000 n They certainly extrapolated quite a bit with Matthew, essentially placing him on the autism spectrum, but I do find him rather compelling. Gwen dreams of becoming a country singer and is actively promoted by her husband. You who know the salvation that he brings . We also lack awareness of the large size of the Talley homestead, which, in a sense, is another player in Fifth of July. Jesus riding into Jerusalem, people shouting Hosanna! Everyone assumes that she is chasing an empty dream, but near the end of the play she receives a genuine offer from a major recording studio. It is difficult to focus on a speaker yet see the other actors reactions simultaneously. A famous actress and pin-up girl from the 1930s, '40s, and '50s, Betty Grable's legs were insured for $1,000,000. Av. <<9CBD867459301949A01D30DB8606D623>]>> He grew up not three blocks from where I live now! Download the entire Fifth of July study guide as a printable PDF! Heres the reality: its MUCH more competitive these days for all ages, and that includes kids at the non-professional level as well. And lets not forget Wes, the stoner guitarist who tags along when the Landises return to the family homestead for the long-delayed scattering of the late Mr. Friedmans ashes. He went to the temple hoping to undo the wrong. Rosie Lenik - monologue - The 5th of July, Shirleys speech - YouTube 2022 NSPA Theatre Awards. As Miss Reehling's illegitimate daughter, Amy Wright is a volcanic Tennessee Williams girl-woman who at times even passes for a 13-year-old. WebUltimately, what emerges from Fifth of July is the portrait of a loving, flawed family whose core, in spite of everything, is surviving. As the title might tell you, what we remember isnt always the fireworks. I dont know. WebA 42-year-old married woman cooking for her lazy arsed husband who complains about working all day. and doing the same thing, as always but today theres a little difference. In this moment, And guess what! 's, Betty Grable, botany, Columbia Records and Karl Marx. 0000030469 00000 n 0000029371 00000 n Hell realise that I dont want a life thats a monotonous routine. I was able to use it in six rural churches one Lent, as we rotated pastors through the churches. WebExcerpt from Mark Antony's Monologue in Julius Caesar: Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears; I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him. or comedy), there are plenty of options to choose from. At: Williamstown Theatre Festival, Williamstown. Presented by Jerry Arrow, Robert Lussier and Warner Theatre Productions Inc. At the New Apollo Theater, 234 West 43d Street. It also helps your family, friends and Berkeley neighbors have access to reliable, independent reporting. I bet hes never had a steak like the one he had today. 4. The Fifth of July by Lanford Wilson In this monologue, the goal is energy. The character, Shirley, has so much excitement as she looks for the future, making it a high-octane, positive, and hilarious choice for kids who want to impress the audition panel. There was a fire in him, a zealousness. His teachers praised him. Unqualified! She also was in love with John in those days, but of the four of them she was the first to realize the emptiness of the life they were living and the first to leave. More about Lanford Wilson. guaranteed, No longer would we live under Roman rule, but we would once again be a Kingdom ourselves. For surely, there he would have found forgiveness. She cannot focus on any thought for more than a few minutes and flits from one subject to another as she tries to converse. Kathy Bates was also a replacement in the role of June. The Anointer Based on Matthew 26:6-13 (A DramaticMonologue), Good Friday Coming Face to Face with Evil, Advent & Christmastide Devotions 2017-2018. It follows 13-year-old Shirley as she regales the audience with tales of her future successes when shell do something astonishing. What will she be famous for, 75 24 I remember that day as if it was yesterday. but now its like, Oh come on Shirley, dont let all these thoughts get you down, Joe still loves, Come on Shirley shut up now, you know if anyone could hear your thoughts theyd, Ok so Joes narrow-minded but I guess it all depends how youre brought up. But if I know my Joe hed rather starve than do his. The intimacy of the 150-seat Aurora Theatre, where the audience sits on three sides of the open stage, is one of its joys. The show plays so differently that repeat viewers may wonder at first if they've wandered into the right theater. TimesMachine is an exclusive benefit for home delivery and digital subscribers. Because the buyers want to convert the farm into a recording studio, the play's central plot recalls ''The Cherry Orchard.'' We hardly speak to each other in-fact theres hardly even a smile between us, just frowns. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of Mr. Wilson's talent is his ability to empathize with all kinds of people. Till death do us part! Neither is the relationship the subject of angst, derision or other negative reaction just love and acceptance.

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