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A local athlete and a friend are ambushed in their car in the parking lot of a jamboree. With no obvious motive, the investigation hits a wall until Lucas discovers the victim is missing a diamond ring; lead investigator Sergeant James Dousay and his team are hunting the killer of a man found shot to death in his car. Tulsa Homicide tackles its most difficult unsolved case, spanning multiple suspects and several years. Detective Rob Barrere's case depends solely on the eyewitness account of a four-year-old girl and leads to another brutal death, the suicide of the suspect. Tulsa Homicide investigates two cases linked by domestic violence. Detectives Doug Lindle and Matt Thompson hope one of their witnesses can identify the shooter and help them catch a killer on the run; a pair of one-year old twins cry helplessly in the back of a black SUV after their mother is shot to death and slumped over in the driver's seat. But they use the scattered forensic and physical evidence to determine her identity and crack the case; an 18-year-old is shot in the head as a party of hundreds of high school students is breaking up. East St. Louis. Mourners filled greater St. Mark's Church in East St.. Police say they have identified a second suspect . When a retired pre-school teacher is slain by a stray bullet, Atlanta detectives need a witness to break the code of silence. Detectives Eric Torrence and Henry Lucas investigate the murder of a 31-year-old male found dead in a field, but with a tight-lipped community where street law is paramount, finding someone to talk is the team's biggest challenge. Charlotte, North Carolina / Miami, Florida. Months pass without a lead as the team tries everything they can to keep the case from going cold; detectives are investigating the murder of a man found stabbed to death in his apartment. You can change your choices at any time by clicking on the 'Privacy dashboard' links on our sites and apps. As the investigation unfolds, further horrors are revealed and Detective Scott DeMeester must act fast before his suspect kills again. When a popular hip-hop promoter is gunned down next to his limousine, the search for the killer leads Detective Clinton Givens to more than he bargained for; a friendly night of drinking at a senior center apartment complex leaves one man dead and another wounded. With no leads, Detectives Greg Gehring and Kurt Ballman hope a witness will come forward to lead them to a suspect; Detectives Robert Quirk and P.E. Using onsite surveillance and forensics, the pair rush to find their suspect before anyone else is hurt. A brutal stabbing ends the life of a hard-working grandfather. Were they set up or was this just a coincidence? Detective Ervens Ford and his team learn the suspected killer of a young man shot to death in Little Haiti is a member of a notorious gang. EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. - Three fires happened in East St. Louis, Illinois within ten hours Tuesday into Wednesday. Before he died, he told his fiance who did it, but his declaration leaves more questions than answers; neighbors find a 17-year-old girl in the woods, shot to death. Detective Rolly Garcia investigates the murder of a 17-year-old boy beaten to death and dumped in the back seat of his car. When a bullied teen is gunned down outside a public library, detectives are shocked to discover the motive behind this senseless attack. A random shooter reveals startling new information on a cold case; a 70-year-old Vietnam vet is found beaten to death in his home, where detectives discover cryptic threatening letters. Detectives are shocked at the boys' ages and what prompted the attack; an up and coming singer is found shot to death in a car in an apparent drug deal gone bad. A teenager watching a street fight is killed by a stray bullet. When they arrive at the scene, their worst fears are realized: the body of a woman, wrapped in a blanket, is decomposing on the floor of the bathroom. A man is gunned down defending his home on New Year's Eve. Birmingham, Alabama / DeKalb County, Georgia. Subscribe now to get the latest news delivered right to your inbox. In Tulsa, a woman is found dumped in a hospital parking lot after someone she trusts crosses the line; Then, in Mobile, a jealous rage leaves a father of nine dead and threatens to tear his family apart. Working with clues found on the crime scene, they piece together information and locate potential witnesses. Detective Scott Sayers has to figure out who would have bludgeoned him to death for a 26" TV; Detective Fignole Lubin investigates a drive-by in Overtown that left an innocent young woman dead. As the investigation unfolds, Willett and his team are shocked to learn what initiated the double homicide-- a schoolyard fight between two teenaged classmates. In Mobile, the homicide team takes on a missing persons case when new evidence points to foul play. In Tulsa, Oklahoma., detectives question whether a young woman's death was a tragic mistake or murder; in Mobile, Alabama., the murder of a young father tests the bond between brothers. When a migrant worker is robbed and beaten to death, Detectives Valerian Perez and Kevin Forsberg must track down a vicious predator before he strikes again; a man is shot dead in broad daylight at a car wash and Detectives Lem Griffin and Art Echols fear their case will go cold when none of the witnesses will talk. Detective John Brown races the clock when an innocent grandma is gunned down. After days of searching and only a bloody, abandoned car as evidence, Investigators needs to retrace her final steps to solve the mystery. Reply. The Major Crimes Unit tries to piece together the last hours of the victim's life to discover what may have brought him there, and find that his wife may hold the key to solving the murder. The fire started in their second-floor apartment in a building on North 29th Street in East St. Louis. Detective Leo Gonzalez must find the killer before more bloodshed occurs. Detective T.C. Detectives working the case trace the victim's missing cell phone hoping it will lead them to the shooter; investigators work the case of an exotic dancer found murdered in her house. Detectives don't have an identity, or crime scene making this a difficult investigation. A young woman is found stabbed, beaten and burned on a bed. In New Orleans, detectives make a gruesome discovery inside a car that was set on fire; Det. Loboda's investigation leads to a motel where they find a bloody room, the possible murder scene, while Harding learns the two victims may have been killed by the same killer; Sergeant Joe Schillaci finds a man's body, a victim of an apparent suicide, but his investigation takes a twist when he discovers signs of a struggle. The friend survives and aids in the investigation; a tourist visiting for his son's 17th birthday is robbed and murdered. In 1958, East St. Louis was named an "All American City" by the National Civic League, having developed an industrial core with railroad-related industries and warehouses, and achieving a population of over 82,000 residents. A woman goes on the run after the murder of her boyfriend; an Army veteran is gunned down after helping a homeless man. With no leads on the victim's identity, detectives turn to the public for help in solving this baffling case. https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_The_First_48_episodes&oldid=1149829209, Lists of American non-fiction television series episodes, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, "Gangs of Little Havana / Execution in Coconut Grove". He breaks away from the fight and runs up on a porch and in a tussle, he's shot in the head; a young man is shot outside a nightclub. Detective John Brown delves deep into a dangerous world of gang violence to catch a killer on the loose with an AK47 assault rifle. Detective Chris Anderson investigates the gruesome murder of a woman shot to death and then set on fire in an apparent cover-up. A man is murdered in front of his fiance when death comes knocking at their door; a beloved man is gunned down while protecting his friends from a shooter's rage. If Arnold is to track down the suspect, he needs to discern between lies and truth-- and real names and aliases; a popular teenager is gunned down on a residential street. He must unravel the sad and mysterious death of a 14-year-old boy found decomposing in a dumpster; Detective Randy Loboda investigates the stabbing death of a Honduran immigrant found in an alley. Detective Fabio Sanchez and his team investigate the murder of a man stabbed in the street. A man is found in a dark alley, shot multiple times and left for dead. Sergeant W.D. An unsolved case comes to life when new evidence sheds light on a dead man's friend. When a former Marine is gunned down trying to recover his stolen bicycle, Detective Matt Frazier goes on the hunt for an elusive criminal family. A parking lot drug deal turns into a shootout that claims the lives of two Atlanta men; an execution outside a motel escalates into a double murder when the killer spots a witness to the crime. Now, detectives need a woman who may have lured him to his death to come clean; a wild gunfight leaves an innocent young man dead. When a grandmother is strangled and left to die on a vacant lot, Detectives Bob Ford and Tom Armelli need to find out if her killing is related to the others; a young father is shot to death in his girlfriend's arms, in the back of his car. They chase their suspect to Mexico, hoping to find him before he disappears. Detective Chris Anderson works to unravel the mystery of a motorcycle club president shot in the head after being run off the road; Detective Corey Cadwell races against the clock to catch the killer of a mother of seven strangled to death in her apartment. Hours after a jealous stripper vows revenge, her two-timing boyfriend is shot and killed. Atlanta, Georgia/ Gwinnett County, Georgia. When a young father-to-be is gunned down in broad daylight, Sergeant Eunice Cooper and Detective Ervens Ford are sure they know who did it, but when their primary suspect claims he was at home when the shooting occurred-- and has the record from his GPS ankle bracelet to prove it-- they must work against the odds to catch their killer; Detectives Steve Orona and Jeremy Rosenthal respond to a call of a foul odor coming from an apartment. A 68-year-old woman goes missing after checking into a casino where she had lost millions. Homicide detectives wander into a dark world of drugs and prostitution to solve an execution-style murder in a motel parking lot. Detectives Scott Sayers and Esteban Montenegro discover that she may have been killed for her silence; a young father is shot in the head trying to break up a fight. A man is shot dead in an empty courtyard. Highest salary at East St. Louis Fire Department in year 2021 was $88,411. In Tulsa, a friendly gathering takes a fatal turn when three people are shot and a teenager is killed; in Mobile, a plan to settle a dispute backfires when a man is gunned down at a family member's house. A man is gunned down on a quiet city sidewalk. When a father of three is gunned down after confronting a hit-and-run driver, Mobile detectives struggle to find clues that will lead them to his killer. The fire broke out after 3 a.m. on N 29th Street near State. A teenager is found murdered and dumped in a field in Tulsa, Oklahoma; when the leads run dry, detectives need help to get justice for the victim's family. The murder of an innocent store clerk is caught on tape and when Detectives Bob Ford and Tom Armelli discover the suspects' violent history, they pull out all the stops to track down the gunmen before more blood is shed. Detective Freddy Ponce and Sergeant Louis Melancon unravel the mystery of a man found shot dead in his car. Detective Chris Anderson returns to his childhood neighborhood to investigate the murder of a man killed over ten pounds of marijuana. The case hangs on whether the surviving witness can identify her attackers. Is the strange man people saw knocking on doors the killer? A murder hits close to home when Detective Rick Arnold learns that the victim of his most recent homicide case is the brother of a good friend. When a store clerk and father of three young children is shot to death in a robbery by a masked man, Detective David Osorio and his team interview witnesses and find that no one knows the shooter. Now they must hunt them down before they flee the country. A mother of six is gunned down on her birthday, leaving her family devastated and the homicide team desperate to figure out who pulled the trigger. In Tulsa, one man is killed, and another is injured when a dispute over stolen marijuana plants turns deadly. A mass shooting on Bourbon Street has the Big Easy on edge; a man killed by a shotgun blast may have been lured into a trap. A mysterious car leads detectives on the trail of a suspect with a violent past; a young mother of five is found shot to death in her apartment. When he uncovers video surveillance of the murder he is given an unusual piece of evidence-- an image of the killer. A woman is shot and killed at a convenience store, but the surveillance footage indicates that a man was the intended victim and detectives try to find him to save his life; the murder of a man shot in the middle of the day is investigated. A truck fire brings Sergeant William Ashton and his team to the scene of a double murder. Homicide detectives follow a bizarre trail of evidence that takes the case someplace they least expected. A woman is beaten and stabbed to death in her home in an act of vengeance; a man is unable to get out of a dangerous business. A man from out of town is found dead in his motel room and Detective Michael Zenoni must wade through a web of secrets and lies to uncover the truth. New Orleans, Louisiana / Kansas City, Kansas. With surveillance video of the suspect and possible witnesses they learn the victim may have been on the killer's hit list; a 20-year-old man is shot to death while walking his girlfriend home at night. Their search takes them over the state line for a pair of suspects: an exotic dancer and a drug dealer who disappeared from the town the day following the homicides. The case takes a turn when they learn that the house he was found in front of is where his ex-girlfriend lives; a gunfight at a gas station leaves one man dead. A young mother is found shot to death on the side of a road; a photograph taken immediately before the murder provides police with their only clue. The team has to race against the clock to solve both cases. Detectives just have to convince them to talk; Sergeants Ron Collins and Kevin Lundy must track down a murder suspect who may have fled the state. Sergeant Connie Justice investigates the murder of a 32-year-old tattoo artist shot to death during a robbery. East St. Louis Assistant Fire Chef Derrick Burns said firefighters returned to the rekindled fire at about 4:40 p.m. Friday. With few leads to go on, he's wondering how to find the killer when anyone could be a suspect. Detectives Kevin Ruggiero and John Rusinque work the murder of a 42-year-old hard-working janitor brutally stabbed to death in his own apartment. A man in Tulsa calls 911 claiming his girlfriend shot and killed herself, but detectives discover evidence suggesting foul play. All exits are sealed, locking the killer inside; however, when police arrive, the killer is nowhere to be found. The fire broke out at an apartment. When Phoenix homicide Detective Tom Kulesa realizes a potential witness to a double murder has gone missing, he must race against time to stop another vicious killing; and in Detroit, Sergeant Jo Ann Kinney must turn to forensics to solve the murder of a man found dead in a brand new Cadillac Escalade. One of them dies, while the other lives to tell the tale. A young father is gunned down by a brutal robbing crew and Detective Tracy Lewis discovers on her first case that she may be chasing the wrong suspect. By Detective Ronnie Leatherman talk to a group of teenagers and delves into a long simmering feud to find her killer. Louisville, Kentucky / Harris County, Texas. Will detectives be able to catch the killers before they strike again? When a young father is found dead in his home by his girlfriend, detectives track down the killer and find things are not as they appear; a teenager is fatally shot, sending police on a desperate search for the motive. A man is shot dead by a car thief and detectives race to find the stolen vehicle before the killer gets away; detectives hunt for a witness to identify the shooter of a young man robbed and killed outside a party. The body of an apparent robbery victim is found near his car; the shooting of a family man is investigated by detectives. Crime scene evidence leads detectives to believe she may have known her killer; a 65-year-old man is found dead in a pool of blood. Investigators must determine whether these two suspects are indeed the killers. A young father is shot dead outside a bar, and the killer is caught on video, but can detectives find someone to identify him? When the victim's missing bank card starts being used detectives follow the trail hoping it will lead to her killer; a 16-year-old honors student is found shot in her own back yard and a note she left behind may be the only clue to solving the case. With no eyewitnesses, Detective Melvin Smith must rely on DNA evidence to track down the killers; when an elderly man is found dead in his apartment, Detective John Curcio's hunt for the suspects leads to a surprising discovery. In order to identify the victim and begin tracking down her killer, the detectives must rely on the few leads they have, from a cell phone found at the crime scene to the clothes the victim was wearing. Lieutenant Toney Armstrong and his team respond to Memphis', "Breaking the Silence / Letters of Intent". The deaths of three young people are investigated to determine if suicide or foul play was involved; a man is found dead on a lawn. "The Girl Who Knew Too Much / The Guardian". When Detective Dwayne Thompson checks out a missing person's apartment and finds it covered in blood, he's launched into one of the strangest cases in his career-- a case that he must solve without the victim's body. The deadly crime may have been caused by a long standing feud with a fellow student; detectives investigate a murdered couple who were found inside their own home. Martel finds he must rely on a friend of the victim's to help him close the case. As the case begins to unravel and witnesses give up information, Garcia learns that the victim's commendable behavior may have instigated his death. When John finally gets a name for his victim, he is running out of time. Deadly fire at Ken-Bar Lodge in Gilbertville, Ky. St. Louis Cardinals star, turned broadcaster Mike Shannon dies 2 students killed, 4 wounded at Mississippi house party Detective Maggie Darling is on the hunt for the killers who gunned down a recent high school graduate; Detective Steve David races to identify a woman found shot and dumped on the side of the highway before the killer's trail goes cold.

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