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Bognor Regis Observer from 1872 Hampshire Post from 1877 News [Portsmouth] from 1878 Argus from 1880 Mid-Sussex Times from 1881 Simmins Weekly Advertiser from 1881 East Grinstead Observer from 1882 Horsham Times and West Sussex Courier from 1882 Sussex & Surrey Courier from 1882 Southern Free Press and East Grinstead Times from 1883 Worthing . 4 The Observer Wednesday December 1 1999 GG Classified: 01737 732222 OBITUARIES Authority striving to tackle millennium bug Houses and Gardens and from January will also be available on the English Heritage web site at wwwenglish-heritageorguk A spokesman 2 East Grinstead Observer Thursday April 28 1 988 OBITUARIES DUTY CHEMISTS BETWEEN 530-630 pm Monday to Friday and 12 noon 1 pm on Sundays Until Sunday: Savory and Moore Ltd 27 London Road East Grinstead From Sunday: Kingswood Chemists Ltd 110 112 London 2 East Grinstead Observer Obituaries MR K C ASHFOLD KENNETH Charles Ashfold of Lewes Road East Grinstead died on October 3 aged 65 The funeral service was held on October 7 at Surrey and Sussex Crematorium MR D R OLIVER DENNIS Robert Oliver of Herontye 2 East Grinstead Observer OBITUARY Mrs M I Griffin THE funeral service of Mrs May Ingeborg Griffin took place last Thursday at Worth Crematorium Mrs Griffin of Linden Avenue East Grinstead died on September 18 aged 81 Mr C E Jones THE funeral service 2 East Grinstead Observer Thursday November 1 7 1 988 OBITUARIES SMART uniformed guides lined the entrance to St Johns Church Copthome In honour of the veterans MRS J O SHUTTLEWORTH JUNE Oakley Shuttle-worth of Allens Close Ashurst Wood died at Pembury 2 East Grinstead Observer Wednesday October 18 1995 99 OBITUARY MR R W POTTER RONALD William Potter of New Farthingdale Dormansland died at East Surrey Hospital on October 11 He was 71 Mr Potter is a retired compositor and leaves his wife Norah The funeral 2 East Grinstead Observer Wednesday October 4 1995 99 OBITUARIES H K HILDA Emily Butler Hurstpierpoint died at Knowle House Nursing Home Hast Grinstead September 28 She was 93 funeral service was held Tuesday Surrey Sussex Crematorium taken Reverend A 2 East Grinstead Observer Thursday March 30 1989 OBITUARIES Police car lights set driver bust limit A COMPANY director and father of five put his foot down through Forest Row to get away from the bright lights of an unmarked police car MRS L Narcisi TANDRIDGE 2 East Grinstead Observer Thursday November 24 1988 OBITUARY MRS CSM Allen CONSTANCE Susan Mary Allen of Holtye Road East Grinstead died on November 12 aged 65 The funeral service was held on November 21 at Surrey and Sussex Crematorium MRS M E Wood MABLE 2 East Grinstead Observer Wednesday May 27 1998 gg OBITUARIES Farewell to Rob Wallis IllSidS Out Motors Letters 4 Celebrity golf day 5 Arm's Tuck Box 6 Health Chat 8 Ardingly Show competition 10 Internet 12 Hickstead competition 15 19 PLUS Sport 57 66 2 East Grinstead Observer Thursday June 1 8 1 987 OBITUARY Mrs L M Jones LILIAN Maud Jones of Oak-leigh Nursing Home Lewes Road East Grinstead died on June 9 She was 85 Her funeral service is today (June 18) at the Surrey and Sussex Crematorium Mr R Strachan East Grinstead Observer Thursday September t 1979 Obituary BLOOMING SUCCESS ! Spencer family of Arundel: corresp and papers, NRA 21170 Explore the East Grinstead Observer online newspaper archive. West Sussex Record Office: scientific MSS, NRA 14450 Framptons Nurseries Ltd, Worthing, NRA 6781 Alfred Kent: glazing patent and papers, NRA 24214 Tilgate estate: deeds, NRA 27369 Edition of East Grinstead Observer. Lancing Choral Society, NRA 38048 GPS Coordinates Latitude: 51.1236, Longitude: -0.01447. Mid-Sussex Ploughing and Agricultural Association, NRA 29495 Chichester Summersdale Townswomens Guild, NRA 21169 Help organising your research by adding bookmarking your articles. JE Jay, Chichester: ironmonger's price list, NRA 4083 The collection includes a wide variety of documents ranging from those from both World Wars, adverts, receipts, letter heads, diaries, scrapbooks, ledgers, invitations, certificates . John Sirgood, founder of the Dependents sect: letter books and papers, NRA 3855 L Holden antiquarian collection, NRA 1234 Logos may be tied to previous newspaper . For John & Andrew Burt, The Popular Penny Illustrated Guide to East Grinstead, Its Walks, Drives & Places of Interest. Wyndham family, Earls of Egremont, Barons Leconfield: family and estate papers. Lavington Park estate, NRA 21071 It was digitised and first made available on the British Newspaper Archive in Feb 17, 2022 . 1788-1850), historian, Graham, James, (1612-1650), 1st Marquess of Montrose, Graham, Sir James Robert George, (1792-1861), 2nd Baronet, statesman, Grainger, Percy Aldridge, (1882-1961), composer and pianist, Grant, Charles, (1778-1866), Baron Glenelg, politician, Grenville, Richard Plantagenet Temple-Nugent-Brydges-Chandos-, (1797-1861), 2nd Duke of Buckingham and Chandos, Grenville, Richard Temple, (1711-1779), Earl Temple, statesman, Greville, Algernon Frederick, (1789-1864), private secretary to Duke of Wellington, Greville, Charles Cavendish Fulke, (1794-1865), Clerk of the Privy Council, diarist, Grey, Charles, (1764-1845), 2nd Earl Grey, statesman, Grey, Charles, (1804-1870), General, Private Secretary to Prince Albert and Queen Victoria, Grey, Sir George, (1799-1882), 2nd Baronet, statesman, Grey, Henry George, (1802-1894), 3rd Earl Grey, statesman, Griffin, Robert Chaloner, (1871-1954), Captain, Royal Sussex Regiment, Grimston, James Walter, (1775-1845), 1st Earl of Verulam, Groome, William, (d 1814), Anglican clergyman, Grosvenor, Richard, (1795-1869), 2nd Marquess of Westminster, Gurwood, John, (1790-1845), Colonel Editor of Wellington's Despatches, Guthrie, George James, (1785-1856), Surgeon, Hamilton, Robert Montgomery, (1793-1868), 8th Baron Belhaven, Hamilton-Gordon, George, (1784-1860), 4th Earl of Aberdeen, statesman, Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood, Terence John Temple, (1866-1918), 2nd Marquess of Dufferin and Ava, Harben, Sir Henry, (1823-1911), Knight President Prudential Assurance Co, Harbord, Edward, (1781-1835), 3rd Baron Suffield, philanthropist, Hardinge, Charles Stewart, (1822-1894), 2nd Viscount Hardinge, Hare, Julius Charles, (1795-1855), author and Church of England clergyman, Harris, Dr David, (1931-2014), Labour Party activist, Harris, James Howard, (1807-1889), 3rd Earl of Malmesbury, statesman, Harrison, Frederic, (1831-1923), author and positivist, Hawes, Sir Benjamin, (1797-1862), Knight, politician, Hay, George, (1787-1876), 8th Marquess of Tweeddale, Field Marshal, Hay, William George, (1801-1846), 18th Earl of Erroll, Haydon, Benjamin Robert, (1786-1846), painter, Herbert, Henry Howard Molyneux, (1831-1890), 4th Earl of Carnarvon, statesman, Herbert, Sidney, (1810-1861), 1st Baron Herbert of Lea, statesman, Heron-Allen, Edward, (1861-1943), zoologist, Hett, Leonard Keir, (1887-1978), architect, Higgins, Sir Terence Langley, (b 1928), Knight MP, Hildebrand, John Biggs, (1794-1868), vicar of Kibworth, Hill, Arthur Blundell Sandys Trumbull, (1788-1845), 3rd Marquess of Downshire, Hill, Rowland, (1772-1842), 1st Viscount Hill, General, Hill, Sir Rowland, (1795-1879), Knight, Knight Inventor of Penny Postage, Hill, Rowland, (1800-1875), 2nd Viscount Hill, Hobhouse, John Cam, (1786-1869), Baron Broughton, statesman, Holtby, Robert Tinsley, (1921-2003), Dean of Chichester, Hook, Walter Farquhar, (1798-1875), Dean of Chichester, Hordern, Hugh Maudslay, (1868-1949), Bishop of Lewes, Hordern, Sir Peter Maudslay, (b 1929), Knight MP and Businessman, Howard, Bernard Edward, (1765-1842), 12th Duke of Norfolk, Howard, George William Frederick, (1802-1864), 7th Earl of Carlisle, Howard, Henry Charles, (1791-1856), 13th Duke of Norfolk, Huddleston, Sir John Walter, (1815-1890), Knight MP Judge, Hudson, James, (d 1859), Secretary of Royal Agricultural Society, Huggins, Sir William, (1824-1910), Knight, astronomer, Huntington, Robert, (1637-1701), Orientalist, Bishop of Rathoe, Hurst, Robert Henry, (1817-1905), MP, Recorder of Hastings and Rye, Hussey, John Rowden, (1864-1949), Canon of Peterborough, Hussey, John Walter Atherton, (1908-1985), Dean of Chichester, Innes-Ker, James Henry, (1816-1879), 6th Duke of Roxburghe, Jackson-Cole, Cecil, (1901-1979), businessman and charity founder, James, I, (1566-1625), King of Great Britain and Ireland, James II, (1633-1701), King of Great Britain and Ireland, Jaques, Charles Austen, (1792-1872), Antiquary, Jaques, Dennett, (1758-1837), Printer and Bookseller, Jebb, Sir Joshua, (1793-1863), Knight Surveyor General of Convict Prisons, Jeffrey, Francis, (1773-1850), Lord Jeffrey Scottish judge and critic, Joad, Cyril Edwin Mitchinson, (1891-1953), Philosopher, Jowett, Benjamin, (1817-1893), biblical and classical scholar Master of Balliol College, Keightley, John, (1778-1852), Lieutenant Colonel Governor of Zante, Kemp, Eric Waldram, (1915-2009), Bishop of Chichester, Kempe, Sir Alfred Bray, (1849-1922), Knight, mathematician and civil servant, Kempt, Sir James, (c1775-1854), Knight, General Governor General of Canada, Kendon, Frank Samuel Herbert, (1893-1959), poet and critic, Kenyon, George, (1776-1855), 2nd Baron Kenyon, politician, Keppel, William Anne, (1702-1754), 2nd Earl of Albemarle, Keppel, William Charles, (1772-1849), 4th Earl of Albemarle, Keroualle, Louise Renee de, (1649-1734), Duchess of Portsmouth and Aubigny, Kincaid, Sir John, (1787-1862), Knight Inspector of Prisons and Factories for Scotland, Kinnaird, George William Fox, (1807-1878), 9th Baron Kinnaird, social reformer, Knatchbull, Sir Edward, (1781-1849), 9th Baronet Statesman, Knox, Edmund, (1773-1849), Bishop of Limerick, Laker, Sir Frederick Alfred, (1922-2006), airline entrepreneur, Lamb, William, (1779-1848), 2nd Viscount Melbourne, statesman, Lambton, John George, (1792-1840), 1st Earl of Durham, statesman, Lapworth, Claude, (fl 1916-1918), Captain Royal Sussex Regiment, Layard, Sir Austen Henry, (1817-1894), Knight, politician, diplomat and archaeologist, Le Marchant, Sir Denis, (1795-1874), 1st Baronet Politician, Lee, Alec Wilfrid, (1896-1973), Major General, Lees, Sir Edward Smith, (1783-1846), Knight, Secretary to the Irish and Scottish Post Offices, Lees, Sir Harcourt, (1776-1852), 2nd Baronet Politician, Legg, Rodney Frank, (1947-2011), author, environmental campaigner and historian, Leith-Hay, Sir Andrew, (1785-1862), Knight Soldier and Author, Lennox, Lord Alexander Francis Charles, (1825-1892), MP for Shoreham, Lennox, Charles, (1701-1750), 2nd Duke of Richmond, Lieutenant General, Lennox, Charles, (1735-1806), 3rd Duke of Richmond, Field Marshal, diplomat and statesman, Lennox, Charles, (1764-1819), 4th Duke of Richmond, Lennox, Charles, (1791-1860), 5th Duke of Richmond, Lennox, Charlotte, (1768-1842), Duchess of Richmond, Lennox, Lord George Charles Gordon, (1829-1877), MP for Lymington, Lennox, Lord George Henry, (1737-1805), General and Statesman, Lennox, Lord Henry Charles Gordon, (1821-1886), MP for Chichester, Leslie, Sir John Randolph Shane, (1885-1971), 3rd Baronet, biographer and novelist, Lever, John Charles Weaver, (1811-1858), Physician, Leveson-Gower, George Granville, (1786-1861), 2nd Duke of Sutherland, Leveson-Gower, Granville George, (1815-1891), 2nd Earl Granville, statesman, Lindsay, William Schaw, (1816-1877), MP merchant and shipowner, Lister, Joseph, (1827-1912), Baron Lister, surgeon, Littleton, Edward John, (1791-1863), 1st Baron Hatherton, politician, Loudon, John Claudius, (1783-1843), landscape gardener and horticultural writer, Love, Sir James Frederick, (1789-1866), Knight General, Lovell, Sir Lovell Benjamin Badcock, (1786-1861), Knight, Major General, Lovell, William Stanhope Badcock, (1788-1859), Vice Admiral, Lowe, Robert Manley, (1810-1891), Solicitor, Lower, Mark Anthony, (1813-1876), Antiquary, Lucas, Sir Thomas, (1822-1902), 1st Baronet Builder and Art Collector, Lyall, Sir Alfred Comyn, (1835-1911), Knight Indian Civil Servant Writer, Lyons, Edmund, (1790-1858), 1st Baron Lyons, Admiral, Lyttelton, Dame Edith, (1865-1948), author and administrator, Lyttelton, William Henry, (1782-1837), 3rd Baron Lyttelton, Maberly, William Leader, (1798-1885), Lieutenant Colonel MP Secretary of the General Post Office, Macdonald, Sir John, (d 1850), Knight Adjutant General at the Horse Guards, Mackenzie, George, (1630-1714), 1st Earl of Cromarty, Macpherson, Ewen, (1804-1884), 'Cluny Macpherson', Mahony, Peirce, (1792-1853), MP Campaigner for Roman Catholic Emancipation, Mais, Stuart Peter Brodie, (1885-1975), Writer and Broadcaster, Maitland, Charles Lennox Brownlow, (1823-1891), General, Maitland, Sir Peregrine, (1777-1854), Knight, General, colonial governor, Mallet, Sir Louis, (1823-1890), Knight, civil servant and economist, Maltby, Edward, (1770-1859), Bishop of Durham, Mann, Sir James Gow, (1897-1962), Knight, museum curator, historian of armour, Manners, John Henry, (1778-1857), 5th Duke of Rutland, Manning, Henry Edward, (1808-1892), Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster, Margary, Ivan Donald, (1897-1976), archaeologist and farmer, Margesson, William George, (1821-1911), Lieutenant Colonel, Marshall, Michael, (1930-2006), Knight MP, Mary, (1658-1718), Queen consort of England, Scotland and Ireland, Mason, Lancelot, (1905-1990), Archdeacon of Chichester, Maule, William Ramsay, (1771-1852), 1st Baron Panmure, Maule-Ramsay, Fox, (1801-1874), 11th Earl of Dalhousie, statesman, Maxse, Frederick Augustus, (1833-1900), Admiral and Political Writer, Maxse, Sir Frederick Ivor, (1862-1958), Knight General, Maxse, Sir Henry Fitzhardinge Berkeley, (1832-1883), Knight Lieutenant Colonel Colonial Governor, Maxse, Leopold James, (1864-1932), journalist and author, Mayne, Sir Richard, (1796-1868), Knight Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Mcadam, Sir James Nicholl, (1785-1852), Knight General Surveyor of Turnpikes, McGrigor, Sir James, (1771-1858), Knight, Director General, Army Medical Department, McLaren, Duncan, (1800-1886), politician, Lord Provost of Edinburgh, Melvill, Sir James Cosmo, (1792-1861), Knight, Indian civil servant, Meredith, George, (1828-1909), novelist and poet, Meynell, Everard, (1882-1926), Author and Journalist, Meynell, Wilfrid, (1852-1948), journalist and biographer, Mitford, William Townley, (1817-1874), MP for Midhurst, Montagu-Douglas-Scott, Walter Francis, (1806-1884), 5th Duke of Buccleuch, Montgomerie, Archibald William, (1812-1861), 13th Earl of Eglinton, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Moorsom, William Scarth, (1804-1863), Civil Engineer and Soldier, Mordaunt, Charles, (1658-1735), 3rd Earl of Peterborough, Morgan, Campbell Greig de, (1811-1876), surgeon, Morley, Sir John, (1838-1923), 1st Viscount Morley of Blackburn, statesman, Morse-Boycott, Desmond Lionel, (1892-c1979), Founder of St Mary of the Angels Song School, Muncaster, Claude Grahame, (1903-1974), artist, writer and broadcaster, Murchison, Sir Roderick Impey, (1792-1871), 1st Baronet geologist, Murray, Sir George, (1759-1819), Knight Vice Admiral, Murray, Sir George, (1772-1846), Knight, General, statesman, Musgrave, Thomas Moore, (1775-1854), Civil Servant and Author, Napier, Sir Charles James, (1782-1853), Knight, General, colonial governor, Napier, Sir George Thomas, (1784-1855), Knight, General, Napier, Sir William Francis Patrick, (1785-1860), Knight, General and historian, Neale, John Mason, (1818-1866), Anglican priest, Warden of Sackville College, author, Nepiker, Thomas, (d 1711), rector of Bepton, Neville, Sylas, (1741-1840), Physician and Traveller, Nevinson, Henry Wood, (1856-1941), Essayist Philanthropist Journalist, Newdegate, Charles Newdigate, (1816-1887), politician, Nicolls, Sir Jasper, (1778-1849), Knight Lieutenant General, Northcote, Stafford Henry, (1818-1887), 1st Earl of Iddesleigh, statesman, Novello, John Alfred, (1810-1896), musical publisher and bass singer, Oliphant, Laurence, (1829-1888), diplomatist, traveller and mystic, O'Neill, Charles Henry St John, (1779-1841), Earl O'Neill, O'Neill, John Bruce Richard, (1780-1855), 3rd Viscount O'Neill, Osborn, William Lushington, (1871-1951), Brigadier General, Osborne, Francis Godolphin, (1777-1850), Baron Godolphin, Otter, William, (1768-1840), Bishop of Chichester, Padwick, Henry, (1805-1879), Solicitor and Race Horse Owner, Paget, Sir Arthur, (1771-1840), Knight Diplomat, Paget, Sir Charles, (1778-1839), Knight Vice Admiral, Paget, Henry, (1797-1869), 2nd Marquess of Anglesey, Paget, Henry William, (1768-1854), 1st Marquess of Anglesey, Field Marshal, Paget, Rowland Edward, (b 1878), Captain Royal Sussex Regiment, Paget, Lord William, (1803-1873), Politician, Palmer, Henry, (1835-1931), Canon of Chichester, Parker, John, (1772-1840), 1st Earl of Morley, Parkes, Joseph, (1796-1865), election agent and reformer, Parkin, George Lewis, (1818-1885), Solicitor, Parnell, Henry Brooke, (1776-1842), 1st Baron Congleton, politician, Pashley, Cecil Laurence, (1891-1969), aviator, Paulton, Abraham Walter, (1812-1876), Politician Journalist, Peachey, James, (1723-1808), 1st Baron Selsey, Pease, Henry, (1807-1881), Quaker, railway promoter and MP, Pechell, Sir George Richard Brooke, (1789-1860), Knight Admiral MP for Brighton, Peel, Sir Charles Lennox, (1823-1899), Knight, Clerk of the Council, Peel, Jonathan, (1799-1879), Major General, politician, Peel, Sir Robert, (1788-1850), Baronet, 2nd Baronet, statesman, Pelham, Henry Thomas, (1804-1886), 3rd Earl of Chichester, Pelham-Clinton, Henry Pelham Fiennes, (1785-1851), 4th Duke of Newcastle, Pelham-Holles, Sir Thomas, (1693-1768), 1st Duke of Newcastle, statesman, Penington, Mary, (1623-1682), Quaker and author, Pepys, Charles Christopher, (1781-1851), 1st Earl of Cottenham, Lord Chancellor, Perceval, Charles George, (1845-1897), 7th Earl of Egmont, Petty-Fitzmaurice, Henry, (1780-1863), 3rd Marquess of Lansdowne, statesman, Peyton, John East Hunter, (1841-1916), astronomer and soldier, Philippart, John, (1784-1874), military writer, Phipps, Sir Charles Beaumont, (1801-1866), Knight, Lieutenant Colonel and official of Royal Household, Phipps, Constantine Henry, (1797-1863), 1st Marquess of Normanby, statesman and author, Pinckard, George Henry, (1805-1892), Businessman and Agriculturalist, Pinhey, Clifford, (1930-2009), organist, Boxgrove Priory, Piper, John Egerton Christmas, (1903-1992), artist, Playfair, Sir Robert Lambert, (1828-1899), Knight, author and colonial administrator, Pleydell-Bouverie, William, (1779-1869), 3rd Earl of Radnor, politician, Ponsonby, Sir Henry Frederick, (1825-1895), Knight, General, private secretary to Queen Victoria, Ponsonby, John George Brabazon, (1809-1880), 5th Earl of Bessborough, Porteous, John, (d 1736), Captain of the Edinburgh City Guard, Potter, Sir Thomas, (1773-1845), Knight Politician, Potter, Thomas Bayley, (1817-1898), Politician, Powys, Albert Reginald, (1881-1936), Architect, Poyntz, William Stephen, (1770-1840), Politician, Pratt, John Tidd, (1797-1870), Lawyer Registrar of Friendly Societies Author, Prentice, Archibald, (1792-1857), journalist, Price, Lilian Nancy, (1880-1970), actress and author, Primrose, Archibald John, (1783-1868), 4th Earl of Rosebery, Pusey, Philip, (1799-1855), MP, agriculturalist, Pycroft, James Wallis, (fl 1847-1880), Antiquary and Pamphleteer, Ramsey, Lillian Fairbrother, (1877-1974), Country Writer, Randall, Richard William, (1824-1906), Dean of Chichester, Rant, Thomas, (?

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