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He faces a. It left him permanently brain-damaged and ruined his life. during the 1992 Los Angeles [9] News footage showed Damian Williams throwing a cinder block at Denny's head, then doing a football-style victory dance in the road and gesticulating gang signs at the Los Angeles News Service helicopter of Zoey Tur[a] and Marika Gerrard. and aggravated mayhem and Williams, a former high-school 17 SoCal hiking trails that are blooming with wildflowers (but probably not for long! Williams was found The leader of the mob that nearly murdered Reginald Denny was Damien Williams. Williams has read Yoga for beginners, The Spirit of Man, and Denmark Vesey: The Buried Story of Americas Largest Slave Rebellion and the Man Who Led It. His influences include Nelson Mandala, Malcolm X, Elijah Muhammad, and Prophet Muhammad. [21], Gary Anthony Williams was a 33-year-old man described as a "drifter" and a "hustler" who begged at a local gas station. That account differs significantly from early police descriptions of the incident, which had Williams firing the shot that killed Tinner. If Speaker Pelosi doesnt act against this dangerous rhetoric, I will bring action this week.. The four officers were charged with assault with a deadly weapon and excessive use of force, per History. Due to the continued dangerous and toxic incitement to violence by Maxine Waters, she should be immediately removed from Congress. soon found himself back in jail. She knows what Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and the gangs are capable of, and yet, she, a sitting congresswoman, doesnt care. serious charges against him If I were the Judge, I would issue a Bench Warrant to Maxine Waters for Contempt of Court for making public comments which were designed to poison the Jury in this case. Denny (saying the [17] He was an 18-year-old[17] former high-school football star nicknamed "Football". Pelican Bay State Prison, the Murderpedia project stay alive. The outrage resulting from the acquittal of these police officers was the principal cause of the 1992 Los Angeles riots. Forever FLOTUS Michelle Obama Jams w/Bruce Springsteen Will Smith Posts BTS of Emancipation & More | WATCH, Lil Meech Calls Cap on 2-Year-Old Pic w/Groupie Doctor Says Oral Sex Causes Throat Cancer & More | PicsVideos, Ne-Yo Says Celebs Are Weirdos-Hes Willing to Love Down A Plain Jane + Ime Udoka Publicly Apologizes for Affair & More | PicsVideos, Xzibits Ex-Wife Demands $250K Payment For Legal Fees Emmett Tills Accuser Carolyn Bryant Donham Dies Kiely Williams Cracked | PicsVideos. Never Forget Maxine Waters Embraced the Thug Who Slammed Concrete on Reginald Taxpayers Paid for Trump as a Nazi Billboard, New Report: Trump-Russia Intelligence Report Was a Political Hack Job, E. Jean Carroll Trial Is Going Swimmingly, Biden Says He Has Sole Authority to Use Nuclear Weapons, Man Arrested As Chinese Spy is Connected With Schumer, Adams, & Hochul, Tucker Speaks to a Reporter After Fox Fired Him Shamefully, CCP-Tied Judy Chu Says Its Highly Dangerous to Criticize China. Damian "Football". Henry Keith Watson, and finally make peace. He spent 17 months in jail and was placed on 27 months probation after pleading guilty to grand theft, receiving stolen property and assault in the Denny case. That was one of my biggest dreams, so I could provide for my family and get my mother a way better life than she could ever imagine because of all the sacrifices she had made for me as a single-parent. He left the 110 Harbor Freeway and took a familiar shortcut along Florence Avenue to get to his destination. They dont care about muh white guilt because they have none. their way to downtown Los afternoon of April 29, 1992, he had simply loaded up his 18-wheeler and Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding Millers death. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was the first to call for her expulsion from Congress. My upbringing as a youth was very good. jumped onto the rig, pulled According to the Los Angeles Times, Damien, a football player, also had a reputation for "gangbanging." 25 years later, the 44-year-old reflects on his life, his role in the riots, and tells who he is now. You gonna always lose, because theres always somebody more powerful and more stronger than you. On the anniversary of California's notorious urban uprising, TIME checks in with 15 of the event's key figures to see what they're doing now. [2][12] During his recovery, he received over 27,000 get-well cards from supportive members of the community. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Murderpedia has thousands of hours of work behind it. I believe it was the perfect time. Football (b. Follow this link for the actual interview; Questions and Answers with Damian Williams and EURweb associate, Billie Jordan. She has done it many times before and it is conduct unbefitting a congresswoman. Williams escaped the most This is normally a crime and is no different than someone threatening harm to a jurors family if they vote a specific way. Chanting-protestors surrounded officers on the scene, and when an officer threw someone over a fence and then assaulted a man trying to help, the crowd grew angrier. Damian Football Williams is currently on year 13, serving a 46-year-sentence in Calipatria, a California State Prison. The brick hurler was from her district and here is something rrraaccisst!, the Mexicans are now the majority in Compton and South Central. The L.A. He will not be eligible On the contrary, she all but endorsed the attack. to keep expanding and making Murderpedia a better site, but we really Police said the shooting occurred after an argument between Williams and Tinner. According to Ter who spoke with The Daily Beast twenty years later (via YouTube) he was broadcasting live from the chopper as Damien "Football" Williams, Henry Keith "Kiki" Watson, Antoine "Twan" Miller, and Gary Anthony Williams pulled Reginald out of his truck, beat him, bashed his skull with a brick, and robbed the critically injured man. And I bear witness, once you confront those issues that live with you, lives within you, your life can be beautiful and even as I sit in prison, I'm at peace with myself. officials. violence, several hours after residents had heard about the verdicts in the Miller had previously been arrested for misdemeanor drug charges, joyriding, and failing to appear in court. After the trial of his assailants, A hung jury meant that the assault charge against Henry Keith Watson didn't stick, according to Time. We have many "[4] At 6:46p.m., after he entered the intersection at Normandie, rioters threw rocks at his windows, and he heard people shouting for him to stop, forcing him to do so in the middle of the street. He ultimately spent a total of six years of that time in prison, and was released in 1997. [5] Timothy Goldman, a local resident who was filming on the ground at the corner of Florence and Normandie Avenues, captured a part of the scene. But I was making a conscious decision to leave the gang because I wanted to play sports, I wanted to go to college I wanted to, I was getting letters that semi-pro wants to bring me in - they wanted to try me out. Dec. 7, 1992: A teenager seen on video smashing a brick into the head of trucker Reginald Denny at the start of the violence is convicted of assault and other charges. Miller was one of three suspects charged in that case. In a 11-page felony complaint, prosecutors said Williams and Tyrone David T Killingsworth, a 34-year-old with convictions for bank robbery and forcible rape, killed 43-year-old Grove Tinner at a West Gage Avenue drug house. According to authorities, Miller had an extensive criminal record that included arrests and convictions for gun possession, burglary, theft and assault. . There are so many other ways to correct the injustice that we are inflicted with by law enforcement, by those in power. threw a cinder block at Denny's head which knocked him As a result of the injuries he suffered during the attacks, Denny had to undergo years of rehabilitative therapy, and his speech and ability to walk were permanently damaged. Also, no surprise. https://t.co/sWJrEDnCDe, Madison Cawthorn (@CawthornforNC) April 18, 2021, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy called out Rep. Maxine Waters for inciting violence in Minneapolis just as she has incited it in the past. Periodically, we must employ comment moderation due to an influx of spammers. At least 100 people might have witnessed the altercation and shooting, though none has come forward to tell his or her story to police. [20], On May 12, outgoing Los Angeles police chief Daryl Gates started a search for three of Denny's attackers, who were identified from the video of the beating. According to the Associated Press, King was attacked after he tried to elude police because he'd been drinking and was on probation. I really started recognizing the different things that was going on in our community. But he did want to make a name for himself in South Los Angeles. Today, Denny has left Los Angeles behind. Maxine Waters is inciting violence in Minneapolis just as she has incited it in the past. He was described as having friends in gangs, but not being a member of any gangs himself. Its her racist modus operandi. I think there was a turning point when I got probably about 10. Unclassified cookies are cookies that we are in the process of classifying, together with the providers of individual cookies. Rioters Miller was videotaped opening the door to Dennys truck. riots. Damian Williams, 20, was charged with throwing a brick at white truck driver Reginald Denny at the flash point of the Los Angeles riots. [16] A permanent crater remains in his forehead despite efforts to correct it. So that started pulling me closer to that lifestyle that my mother had told me to stay away from. had not intended to kill The only reason he probably did not die that day was because four South That means, what, Im packing in the old for something new. Damian Monroe Williams, 19, filed the $10 million civil rights suit in federal court Thursday, said his attorney, Dennis Palmieri. The day that the jury was set to deliver a verdict in the Williams case, Maxine. Somebody that didnt have no sense of feelings or emotions or didnt care for nothing. It was time for people to hear the new me. So my thing is, I would want to talk to him and not the world, because the world dont need to know about how I feel when it comes to this, but Denny needs to know it. You saw Williams' victory dance. Williams was found guilty of one felony count of mayhem and several misdemeanor counts in the beating of Reginald Denny during the 1992 Los Angeles riots. In that Super Bowl, he scored the Chiefs' game-clinching touchdown on a 38-yard run with less than two . Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I want the world to know that that individual in 1992 no longer exists, he said.. Williams was sent to prison on a single felony charge of mayhem, but when his accomplices got off, Waters joined in the celebration. Gary Williams plead guilty to attempted grand theft, assault, and robbery and was sentenced to three years in prison, perUPI. Antoine Eugene Miller, part of the mob that attacked trucker Reginald Denny in the first hours of the 1992 Los Angeles riots, died a week after being shot during an altercation outside a Hollywood nightclub, police said. Officials said his murder may have been gang related. According to a recent Los Angeles Times poll, roughly two-thirds of L.A.'s Anglo and Hispanic residents disagreed with the jury verdicts in the Reginald Denny beating trial in which the. The only cure for it, as Abe Lincoln noted, is separation. Preference cookies enable a website to remember information that changes the way the website behaves or looks, like your preferred language or the region that you are in. The defense began pleading on September 20, making a case for unpremeditated assault, with Faal challenging the video evidence and portraying Williams as a victim of poverty and racism. Next to testify were witnesses of the beating and Denny's rescuers. Damian Williams, a former high-school football star, was part of one of the riots' most enduring, excruciating images the vicious attack of a white truck driver named Reginald Denny. Williams was eventually sentenced to a maximum 10 years in prison for the attack on Denny and four other people. The only image that they had of me for 25 years, Ive been quiet. There is no more complete source for urban news than the Electronic Urban Report. her rhetoric is poisonous.. because of his memorable nickname. Reginald Denny was attacked during 1992 LA riots. What he saw was the swagger of a brotherhood; bound by secrets, flashy cars, and fast cash. Damian Monroe Williams (born March 17, 1973) was considered the most high-profile member of the four. Then something changed, Barstow police investigating after officer caught on video hitting man with a baton, Man found guilty of murdering teens who ding-dong-ditched his house, Sacramento, San Francisco mayors take shots at each others city before NBA playoff game, Unseasonable rain, cooler temperatures in forecast for Los Angeles this week, Masked gunmen tie up man and woman in Bel-Air home invasion. The following are excerpts, in his own words. And that's what I want the people to know. Riots: 15 Years After Rodney King. As Miller, Search instead in Creative? The notorious attack on truck driver Reginald Denny and other assaults were videotaped and broadcasted on live television and quickly came to symbolize the violence of the riots. Marketing cookies are used to track visitors across websites. enduring, excruciating [19], Henry Keith Watson was a 27-year-old former US Marine and an ex-convict who had served time for armed robbery. Damian 'Football' Williams is currently on year 13, serving a 46-year-sentence in Calipatria, a California State Prison. A news helicopter videotaped, and broadcasted the scene, making Williams infamous. It was like a toxic bomb was inside of my mind and at that particular time I was saying to myself how can we get some get back from whats been happening to us all these years in South Central., No. But on December 5, Maxine Waters flew across the country to incite riots in Minneapolis. On March 3, 1991, before everyone had cell phones and the ability to record any moment, a man named George Holliday happened to catch four white police officers kicking and beating King a Black man with their batons as he lay on the ground. Because as they say, in Biblical times: born again. I consent to the use of following cookies: Necessary cookies help make a website usable by enabling basic functions like page navigation and access to secure areas of the website. So thats why I finally stepped to the forefront. Miller was shot and killed Feb 1, 2004 during a nightclub shoot out, in Hollywood. The He was a member of the Crips. However, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit dismissed the appeal.[33]. 2016 www.independentsentinel.com. [1], Born in 1953 in Lansing, Michigan,[2][1] Reginald Oliver Denny was a 39-year-old truck driver at the time of the attack. But his criminal exploits would have gone largely unnoticed had it not been for the beating that was inflicted on Denny, who stopped his truck at Florence and Normandie avenues just after a Simi Valley jury had acquitted LAPD officers in the videotaped beating of Rodney G. King. According to the Los Angeles Times, Damien, a football player, also had a reputation for "gangbanging." He had a 3-month-old baby boy at the time of the attack. excruciating images the vicious attack of a white truck driver named truck driver Reginald Oliver Denny. Damien Williams was released a few years later and went on to murder somebody else. No, we didnt start the riots, Williams said. He pleaded guilty to a felony charge of assault, the one charge on which the jury had deadlocked, and was spared a prison term. Soon after Green took him to the hospital, Denny suffered a seizure. In 1997, But at the same time I was still counting blessings everyday with my mother. Click HERE to SUBSCRIBE to Our Newsletter Now! After his release from prison, he married, had a daughter, and was working two jobs at the time of the attack. headed down the road, driving for his employer Transit Mixed Concrete. What a lowlife! But thats the beauty of it now, this is the reason that Im giving this interview. [4] Denny also sought to make peace with his attackers' families,[12] saying that Watson had "been through quite enough" having been jailed for 17 months awaiting trial. him through intermediaries but they were unsuccessful; Denny largely avoids 2003, he received a life sentence for murdering Grover Tinner, a He had spent time in jail for armed robbery and was trying to turn his life around. A $300-million (minimum) gondola to Dodger Stadium? Gates himself arrested Damian Williams, while other officers arrested Henry Watson and Antoine Miller. The attack ended when Damian Monroe Williams took a cinderblock and bashed Denny's skull, fracturing it in 91 places and causing severe brain damage. And theres a great saying that I live by- It aint how you started, its how you finish what matters most. And Im starting to finish on a good note. murieltimelineviewkingverdictsbeatingarrest, murieldoesyourlifemattersodoesmine - Copy, MurielCloseupoftruckandbeatingscene - Copy, Damian Football Williams Speaks with Billie Jordan Exclusively for 25th Anniversary of 1992 L.A. King beating case, and now Hollywood wants to be governor of Texas! If you dont see your language, email [email protected] we will add it. unconscious. Riots: 15 Years After Rodney King: Key Figures: Damian Williams", "Denny Suspects Are Thugs to Some, Heroes to Others", "A look at prominent figures in 1992 riot, where they are now", "Four arrested in televised riot beating", "Four Arrested in Beating of Trucker During Riots", "Man sentenced to three years in Denny case", "Williams Given Maximum 10 Years in Denny Beating", "The L.A. of mayhem and several Shes the Democrat Partys new rock star. Denny has largely avoided the media and rarely spoken publicly about his ordeal. Mr. Dennywas begging for help.

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