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tbut or disp auto - $10,000 or more but u/$1,000,000 '24042' tbut or disp auto - $500 or more but u/$10,000 '24200' tbut or disp auto for personal use '24209' . It was also reported that the electric bikes had been dumped in the parking lot of another local business. na. else { Short sessions are intended to clean up, A worker suffered serious injuries Saturday night after being struck by a vehicle at a demolition derby at the Edmonson County Fairgrounds. -- Amended 2009 Ky. Acts ch. //jQuery("#message_alertIMG_1").html("No closings reported yet"); GLASGOW, Ky. (WBKO) - On Saturday, two men from Louisville were arrested on several charges after a disturbance complaint at T.J. Samson. New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell is still facing criticism despite surviving a recall effort as the city continues down a path of violence and destruction. One such category is referred to as Theft by Unlawful Taking or TBUT, for short. PARKS, JOSEPH R, 21-CR-00131COMMONWEALTH VS. PORTER, JASON A. TBUT OR DISP CONTENTS FROM VEHICLE $10,000,000 OR MORE . Copyright The information you obtain at this site is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. Arrested (9/21/2022) Steven M. Hays of ST. Louis MO, Charges: TBUT OR DISP AUTO $10,000<$1,000,000, TBUT OR DISP ALL OTHERS $1,000<$10,000, RECEIVING STOLEN PROPERTY $10,000 OR MORE, CRIMINAL MISCHIEF 2NDDEGREE, CRIMINAL MISCHEIF 3RDDEGREE, Arrested (9/21/2022) Dawn A. Morgan of ST. Louis, MO, Charges: TBUT OR DISP AUTO $10,000<$1,000,000, RECEIVING STOLEN PROPERTY $10,000 OR MORE, Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/103.0.5060.114 Safari/537.36 Edg/103.0.1264.49, Restaurants* Coffee Shops* and Bars in Marshall County and surrounding areas, Kentucky State Police Charges Marion Co. Man with Child Sexual Exploitation Offenses, 4th Annual Preston Cope Memorial Golf Tournament a huge success, Hutchens is back open following storm damage, Grand Reopening May 1st, Representative Chris Freelands Legislative Update, Kentucky State Police Post 1 to Conduct Traffic Safety Checkpoints, 400 Mile Sale on Hwy. 1, effective July 14, 1992. 19-CI-00048MAULDEN, NATHAN C. VS. DAVIDSON, ELIZABETH M. 18-CR-00080COMMONWEALTH VS. COTTRELL, BILLY R. 19-CR-00017COMMONWEALTH VS. COTTRELL, BILLY. Shoplifting falls under the crime of theft of property by unlawful taking, and the same penalties as above apply. 9, effective July 15, 1998. }); GRAYSONCountyCIRCUITCourt Docket for05/03/2022, 06-CI-00362COOK, SHAUNA BETH VS. COOK, PERRY DAYNE, 12-CI-00296HAYES, NATHAN STROUD VS. HAYES, JESSICA LYNN, 12-CI-00437CRITCHELOW, MICHELLE VS. JACKSON, ROBERT, 17-CI-00345PIERCE, JUSTIN VS. WILKINS, SHERRY, 18-CI-00162PENNYMAC LOAN SERVICES, LLC VS. HALL, JEREMY C, ET AL, 19-CR-00342COMMONWEALTH VS. HENNING, KEVIN A, 20-CI-00091POWELL, MAKAYLA LYNN VS. POWELL, JORDAN BLAINE, 20-CI-00253HUDSON, BRENIS VS. UNITED PROPANE GAS, INC. 514.010 to .110 (2021).). Class B misdemeanor. 22-f-00094 commonwealth vs. crist, brandi lynn (preliminary hearing) 1. . Class A felony theft charges are reserved for repeat acts of stealing anhydrous ammonia with the intent to manufacture methamphetamine. Steven Hays and Dawn Morgan were both served arrest warrants on 09/21/2022. *obs* tbut or disp auto - $10,000 or more but u/$1,000,000: 1ds625071-1: 21-cr-00267 commonwealth vs. cockrell, elizabeth s. (pretrial conference) 1: . In Kentucky, all felonies carry the same potential fine: $1,000 to $10,000 or double the amount of gain from the commission of the offense, whichever is greater. if (count_closing <= 0) { All rights Reserved, Last Effective Dates, Expirations, and Certifications, Career A Leitchfield man has been killed in an accident on Hopewell Road. In some states, the information on this website may be considered a lawyer referral service. | Recently Booked | Arrest Mugshot | Jail Booking . .done(function( data ) { } Shoplifting offenses include theft of merchandise, as well as criminal damage to merchandise and altering price markings to avoid paying full retail price. (Higher penalties apply for receipt of a stolen firearm or anhydrous ammonia. Upon a third conviction in five years, the penalty increases to a Class D felony. If you're facing theft or shoplifting charges, speak to a criminal defense attorney right away. (e) The value of the property is one thousand dollars ($1,000) or more but less than ten thousand dollars ($10,000), in which case it is a Class D felony; (f) The person has three (3) or more convictions under paragraph (d) of this subsection within the last five (5) years, in which case it is a Class D felony. % GOP much more skeptical than Dems that government can do it right: poll, King Charles' coronation: 8 women before Camilla who could have been queen, 2022 Grayson County General Election Results, *OBS* PROH USE ELECTR COMM SYS TO PROCURE MINOR/PE SEX OFF, OBSCURING THE IDENTITY OF A MACHINE $500 <$10,000, ENH POSS CONT SUB, 1ST DEGREE, 1ST OFF (METHAMPHETAMINE), POSS CONT SUB, 1ST DEGREE, 1ST OFFENSE HEROIN, TICS, 1ST DEGREE, 1ST OFFENSE (< 2 GMS METHAMPHETAMINE), POSS CONT SUB, 1ST DEGREE, 1ST OFF (METHAMPHETAMINE), MANUFACTURING METHAMPHETAMINE, 1ST OFFENSE, TICS, 1ST DEGREE, 1ST OFFENSE (>= 2 GMS METHAMPHETAMINE), TICS, 1ST OFFENSE (CARFENTANIL OR FENTANYL DERIVATIVES), *OBS* RECEIVING STOLEN PROPERTY U/$10,000, WANTON ENDANGERMENT-1ST DEGREE-POLICE OFFICER, FLEEING OR EVADING POLICE, 1ST DEGREE (MV), PROHIBITED ALTERATION OR REMOVAL OF VIN NUMBER, OPERATING ON SUSPENDED/REVOKED OPERATORS LICENSE, *OBS* CRIMINAL ABUSE 1ST DEGREE-CHILD 12 OR UNDER, TRAFFIC IN MARIJUANA, LESS THAN 8 OZ 1ST OFFENSE, GIVING OFFICER FALSE IDENTIFYING INFORMATION, ENGAGING IN ORGANIZED CRIME-CRIMINAL SYNDICATE, *OBS* TBUT ALL OTHERS $10,000 OR MORE BUT U/$1,000,000, POSS CONT SUB, 1ST DEGREE, 3RD OR > OFF (METHAMPHETAMINE), POSS CONT SUB, 1ST DEGREE, 2ND OFFENSE (METHAMPHETAMINE), THEFT OF IDENTITY OF ANOTHER WITHOUT CONSENT, FAILURE TO SURRENDER REVOKED OPERATORS LICENSE, ASSAULT-3RD DEGREE-POLICE/PROBATION OFFICER-IDENTI, OPERATING VEHICLE WITH EXPIRED OPERATORS LICENSE, OPER MV U/INFL ALC/SUBS (189A.010(1E) 1ST (AGG CIR), ENH TICS, 1ST DEGREE, 1ST OFFENSE (>= 2 GMS METHAMPHETAMINE), ENH TRAFFIC IN MARIJUANA, LESS THAN 8 OZ 1ST OFFENSE, ENH TICS, 1ST DEGREE, 2ND OR > (>= 2 GMS METHAMPHETAMINE), Convicted Felon in Possession of a Firearm, TICS, 2ND DEGREE, 1ST OFF(<20 D.U. The owner of the local business also reported that a motor home had been broken into and the ignition had been tampered with. 21-CR-00134COMMONWEALTH VS. 23-cr-00009 commonwealth vs. young, jesse j The five (5) year period shall be measured from the dates on which the offenses occurred for which the judgments of conviction were entered; (g) The value of the property is ten thousand dollars ($10,000) or more but less than one million dollars ($1,000,000), in which case it is a Class C felony; (h) The value of the property is one million arrested (9/21/2022) dawn a. morgan of st. louis, mo. stream Stat. Additionally, penalties are more severe when drugs or the manufacturing of drugs is involved. A lawyer can explain the charges, protect your rights, and help you achieve the best outcome. tbut or disp auto $1,000 < $10,000: na: 2: 0234900: theft by fail to mak req disp of property: na: 01:05 pm. Criminal Mischief, 1st Degree. The 'AMT dep allowed/ allowable-1' amount is the largest amount you can put into the Fair Market Value Amount. The fair market value of the car when you first started using it for business. jQuery("#aws_ec_insertEC_alertIMG_1").show(); To "exercise control over merchandise," a shoplifter doesn't need to make it out of the store. Shoplifting merchandise valued at over $1,000 (easily the price of a smartphone) tips the penalty from a misdemeanor to a felony. var myObj_closing = JSON.parse(data); var count_closing = myObj_closing.count; Below you can find the maximum penalty by offense level. ** This post is showing arrest information only. Edward F. Kiper of, Louisville, was arrested and charged with Receiving Stolen Property U/$10,000, TBUT Or DISP Auto-$500 Or More But U/$10,000, Criminal Mischief 3rd Degree and Fleeing Or Evading . A persistent felony offender is anyone older than 21 who commits a second or subsequent felony offense. *obs* tbut or disp auto - $500 or more but u/$10,000. .050 Theft of property lost, mislaid, or delivered by mistake. ROOF, KHRISTIAN L, 22-T-00935COMMONWEALTH VS. BRUCE, DATHAN K, 21-T-00699COMMONWEALTH VS. SEARCY, DYLAN BLAKE, 21-T-00700COMMONWEALTH VS. MAYES, DAMIAN MICHAEL, 22-T-00261COMMONWEALTH VS. MATTINGLY, BRITTANY, GRAYSONCountyDISTRICTCourt Docket for09/22/2022, 22-P-00221IN RE: PRUITT, JENNIFER DENISE, 22-F-00218COMMONWEALTH VS. WILLIS, WILLIAM ALBERT, 22-F-00219COMMONWEALTH VS. LEMONS, ANGELA R, 22-F-00220COMMONWEALTH VS. SULLIVAN, BETTY A, 22-F-00221COMMONWEALTH VS. SULLIVAN, JOSEPH III, 22-F-00222COMMONWEALTH VS. SULLIVAN, JOSEPH JR, We now have another short, 30-day General Assembly session in the books. KRS Chapter 514. jQuery("#aws_ec_insertEC_alertIMG_1").hide(); Saturday night at approximately 9:30, Grayson County Deputy Wally Ritter, the Caneyville Fire Department and EMS responded to the single-vehicle crash at 2310 Hopewell Road. if (count_closing <= 0) { For purposes of this article, we'll primarily discuss theft of property by unlawful taking or disposition, which includes shoplifting offenses. 12 popular meanings of TBUT abbreviation: 13 Categories. .100 Unauthorized use of automobile or other propelled vehicle. ET AL. jQuery.post( "/wp-content/plugins/entity-closing-lite/post/list-front.php", { wcdAlphabet: "All", wcdPageSize: "10", wcdPagenumber:"1", wcdType:"", liteClosingAlert:"1" , wpbCheck:"3", chkClo:cl_wpb_key }) 20-CR-00132COMMONWEALTH VS. BUSH, BRANDI N. 20-CR-00264COMMONWEALTH VS. BISZMAIER, HEIDI J. Committee Schedule, Office Ashlyn Morgan, 28 of Hyden was charged with: ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence chatbot, could do a better job of answering medical questions than human doctors, says a study led by researchers from the University of California San Diego. Failure to Wear Seat Belt. He was 26 years old on the day of the booking. Search For More Information. BOWMAN, PHILLIP L, 20-T-01240COMMONWEALTH VS. MCMURTRAY, RUSSELL LEWIS, 20-T-01341COMMONWEALTH VS. BISKUP, MICHAEL A #2, 20-T-01372COMMONWEALTH VS. DECKER, DEBRA L, 20-T-01455COMMONWEALTH VS. BOOKER, SHANE #1LEE, 20-T-01570COMMONWEALTH VS. HODGE, MELISSA CAROLYN, 21-M-00083COMMONWEALTH VS. BOOKER, SHANE, 21-M-00089COMMONWEALTH VS. FLENER, WENDI L, 21-M-00114COMMONWEALTH VS. NOE, BRADY SHANE, 21-M-00147COMMONWEALTH VS. DECKER, ERICA L, 21-M-00183COMMONWEALTH VS. REDMON, WALTER L, 21-M-00215COMMONWEALTH VS. LEIGH, NORMAN, 21-M-00235COMMONWEALTH VS. SCOTT, WILLARD LEWIS III, 21-M-00288COMMONWEALTH VS. HOLDERMAN, JOSHUA EDMOND, 21-M-00393COMMONWEALTH VS. KING, MELISSA, 21-M-00394COMMONWEALTH VS. KING, MURRELL, 21-M-00418COMMONWEALTH VS. MERRITT, DYLAN ROBERT, 21-M-00463COMMONWEALTH VS. RIGGS, BRIANNA, 21-T-00129COMMONWEALTH VS. MULLINS, MICHAEL B, 21-T-00345COMMONWEALTH VS. DIEHL, JORDAN NICOLE, 21-T-00395COMMONWEALTH VS. MEREDITH, JOHNATHAN D, 21-T-00461COMMONWEALTH VS. ASHBY, JAMES T, 21-T-00487COMMONWEALTH VS. ROBY, PATRICK KYLE, 21-T-00491COMMONWEALTH VS. THOMAS, PATRICK S, 21-T-00724COMMONWEALTH VS. SUMMERS, BRANDON TYLER, 21-T-00739COMMONWEALTH VS. DUNN, ZACHARY TYLER, 21-T-00741COMMONWEALTH VS. MULLINS, MICHAEL, 21-T-00749COMMONWEALTH VS. EDSELL, DAKOTA RAY, 21-T-00768COMMONWEALTH VS. MEREDITH, JAMES R, 21-T-00811COMMONWEALTH VS. BRADLEY, BRITTANY, 21-T-00916COMMONWEALTH VS. BRADLEY, ROBERT J #2, 21-T-00934COMMONWEALTH VS. FULKERSON, SHANNON LEE, 20-M-00340COMMONWEALTH VS. COX, FARRON WADE, 20-M-00486COMMONWEALTH VS. MARTIN, DONALD E, 21-T-01090COMMONWEALTH VS. LOWE II, NATHAN DWAYNE, 22-F-00042COMMONWEALTH VS. GILLESPIE, ANGELA, 22-F-00103COMMONWEALTH VS. DYER, ROBERT G, 22-M-00057COMMONWEALTH VS. TONEY, KENNETH RAY, 22-M-00097COMMONWEALTH VS. WALLACE, JOHN TAVIS, 22-M-00100COMMONWEALTH VS. ROBBINS, DEREK, 22-M-00126COMMONWEALTH VS. WILLIAMS, MARK DOUGLAS, 22-M-00133COMMONWEALTH VS. THOMAS, DUSTIN ALLEN, 22-M-00146COMMONWEALTH VS. RICHEY, ROGER RAY, 22-M-00152COMMONWEALTH VS. DORAN, DILLON, 22-T-00014COMMONWEALTH VS. SIZEMORE, JAMES P, 22-T-00115COMMONWEALTH VS. HOWARD, MICHAEL JAY, 22-T-00245COMMONWEALTH VS. BELCHER, SHARON, 22-T-00249COMMONWEALTH VS. BASHAM, HUNTER, 22-T-00268COMMONWEALTH VS. HIGDON, JOHNATHAN STANLEY, 22-T-00284COMMONWEALTH VS. GRIDER, TRAVIS, 22-T-00291COMMONWEALTH VS. MOCK, STEVEN WAYNE, 22-T-00292COMMONWEALTH VS. So, the charge is for theft of something worth more than $500 but less than $10,000, by either unlawful taking or shoplifting. Defend your rights. It's a class D felony, with a potential of 1 to 5 years of prison. They are doing this by designating a bird as endangered. Many of these specific theft offenses carry similar penalties. 1, effective June 25, 2013. Photographs of Hays and Morgan are attached. Copyright 2021 WBKO. Depending on a number of factors, including the amount stolen, theft by unlawful taking can result in charges ranging from a Class A misdemeanor to a Class B felony. Please reference the Terms of Use and the Supplemental Terms for specific information related to your state. 119, effective January 1, 1975. 21-CR-00284COMMONWEALTH VS. CARLISLE, ABBY, 21-CR-00298COMMONWEALTH VS. HODGE, ASHLEY K. 21-CR-00312COMMONWEALTH VS. .065 Possession, use, or transfer of device for theft of telecommunications services. Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. My bf has a TBUT or DISP Auto- $500 or more U/10,000 an it's his first ever time getting into any trouble can he get probation? The term "property" includes anything of value. 19-CR-00335COMMONWEALTH VS. CLEMONS, CHAD A. ROOF, DAKOTA J. 18-CR-00110COMMONWEALTH VS. CARIEL, JOHN W. 19-CR-00174COMMONWEALTH VS. HORN, NICHOLAS, 20-CR-00272COMMONWEALTH VS. SPEERS, ERICA N, 21-CR-00065COMMONWEALTH VS. HORN, NICHOLAS L, 21-CR-00113COMMONWEALTH VS. KIMBERLEY, ROLLAN W. 21-CR-00162COMMONWEALTH VS. WATHEN, ASHLEY N. 21-CR-00267COMMONWEALTH VS. COCKRELL, ELIZABETH S. 22-CI-00073KENTUCKY HOUSING CORPORATION VS. PATTERSON, ROBERT M. ET AL, 22-CR-00183COMMONWEALTH VS. DENNIS, CALVIN C, 22-CR-00200COMMONWEALTH VS. RICE, THOMAS L, 21-CR-00159COMMONWEALTH VS. DRAKE, ALAN LAVARE, 22-CR-00166COMMONWEALTH VS. WILLIS, BRIAN A, 22-CR-00194COMMONWEALTH VS. CLEMONS, TONY, 22-CR-00235COMMONWEALTH VS. WINN, STACEY M, 22-CR-00240COMMONWEALTH VS. <>>> This theft must involve a transfer of the victim's legal interest in the property to another's benefit, for example, a house deed. }); GRAYSONCountyCIRCUITCourt Docket for09/20/2022, NOT AN OFFICIAL DOCKET SUBJECT TO CHANGE, 22-CI-00121HAHN AUTOMOTIVE WAREHOUSE, INC VS. DECKERS AUTO PARTS ET AL, 07-CI-00253TUBB, BETHANY JUNE VS. TUBB, JASON KEITH, 09-CI-00282ARMSTRONG, CHRISTOPHER ALAN VS. LUTZ, WHITNEY LEE, 10-CI-00323MAZE, ROBERT VS. DARST, JESSICA, 12-CI-00296HAYES, NATHAN STROUD VS. HAYES, JESSICA LYNN, 15-CI-00122DIPIETRO, ASHLEY VS. DIPIETRO, SHAWN, 16-CI-00209WILKERSON, SARA VS. WILKERSON, TYLER, 17-CI-00345PIERCE, JUSTIN VS. WILKINS, SHERRY, 18-CI-00349HERMAN, ROY VS. KENTUCKY NATIONAL INSURANCE COMPANY, 19-CI-00310MUDD, TAMMY TYRE VS. MUDD, ANTHONY GLENN, 20-CI-00103TIMMY DECKER CONSTRUCTION, VS. WEST, GLEN , ET AL, 20-CI-00113MADISON, NIKOLAS T VS. .done(function( data ) { During their investigation, Steven Hays and Dawn Morgan of ST. Louis, MO were arrested. .050 Theft of property lost, mislaid, or delivered by mistake. A person commits a Class A misdemeanor by stealing property valued at $500 or more but less than $1,000. 82, sec. 22-CI-00218WHITING, ROBERT GREGORY VS. DAY, SUSAN LAINE, 22-CI-00220CUNDIFF, BOBBIE JO-ANN VS. CUNDIFF, JEREMIAH FRANKLIN, 22-CI-00221PIGG SMITH, PAMELA SUE VS. PIGG, PAUL JAMES, 22-CR-00237COMMONWEALTH VS. HIGDON, TRAVIS, 22-CR-00238COMMONWEALTH VS. TAPSCOTT, CALVIN J, 10-CI-00089PHILLIPS, SHAWN LEE VS. PHILLIPS, DIANA KAYE, 21-CI-00065HOLDERMAN, TIFFANY RENEE VS. HOLDERMAN, JAMES EDMOND, 20-CR-00042COMMONWEALTH VS. BISZMAIER, HEIDI. KSP releases info on deadly trooper-involved shooting in Edmonson Co. last month, ChatGPT found to give better medical advice than real doctors in blind study: This will be a game changer, Middle school teacher issues dire warning amid claims she was forced to hide students' gender identity, New Orleans mayor faces renewed criticism despite surviving recall attempt, This prairie chicken is Biden's latest weapon in his war on fossil fuels, Regulate AI? Michael Lambert was arrested and lodged in the Muhlenberg County Detention Center, where he was charged with the following: TBUT OR DISP ALL OTHERS U/$500 OR MORE BUT U/$10,000 CRIMINAL TRESPESSING- 3 RD DEGREE NO REGISTRATION RECEIPT NO REGISTRATION PLATES IMPROPER EQUIPMENT INSTRUCTIONAL PERMIT VIOLATIONS DRAGGING STONES OR LOGS ON HIGHWAY endobj .010 Definitions. COIN, JOSEPH L, 22-CR-00171COMMONWEALTH VS. FINLEY, JACOB S, 22-CR-00172COMMONWEALTH VS. BASHAM, WILLIAM T, 22-CR-00180COMMONWEALTH VS. GROH, SHAUN M, 22-CR-00188COMMONWEALTH VS. FINLEY, JACOB S, 22-CR-00190COMMONWEALTH VS. BASHAM, WILLIAM T, 22-CR-00199COMMONWEALTH VS. VIBBERT, BENJAMIN R, 22-CR-00202COMMONWEALTH VS. DOWELL, DAVID O, 22-CR-00203COMMONWEALTH VS. STEWART, APRIL L, 18-CR-00026COMMONWEALTH VS. HOUCHIN, BILLY J, 20-CR-00022COMMONWEALTH VS. FENTRESS, DARON L, 20-CR-00201COMMONWEALTH VS. RENFROW, FELICIA A, 21-CR-00120COMMONWEALTH VS. LINDSEY, LORI F, 21-CR-00163COMMONWEALTH VS. LINDSEY, LORI F, 21-CR-00174COMMONWEALTH VS. FENTRESS, DARON L, 21-CR-00233COMMONWEALTH VS. SALVADOR, BRANDON, 21-CR-00276COMMONWEALTH VS. BRUNER, ALEXANDRA M, 22-CR-00221COMMONWEALTH VS. COTTRELL, MARCHMOND J, 22-CR-00222COMMONWEALTH VS. SMIDDY, BRETTA P, 22-CR-00223COMMONWEALTH VS. MCANLY, WENDY J, 22-CR-00228COMMONWEALTH VS. COCKRIEL, KANISHA A, 22-CR-00229COMMONWEALTH VS. HIGDON, TRAVIS D, 22-CR-00241COMMONWEALTH VS. MORTON, SARAH, 22-CR-00249COMMONWEALTH VS. PAYTON, MICHAEL S, 20-CR-00009COMMONWEALTH VS. REDMON, WALTER L, 22-CR-00243COMMONWEALTH VS. LOGSDON, SHAWN, 18-CR-00005COMMONWEALTH VS. KRAHWINKEL, RUSSELL, 19-CR-00112COMMONWEALTH VS. MERCER, JODY NICK, 19-CR-00319COMMONWEALTH VS. GREER, DUSTIN L, 17-CR-00170COMMONWEALTH VS. LYONS, DENNY R, 11-CR-00001COMMONWEALTH VS. STEVENSON, THELMA R, GRAYSONCountyDISTRICTCourt Docket for09/21/2022, 19-T-01548COMMONWEALTH VS. PAYTON, BARRY E, (SHOW CAUSE DEFERRED/INSTALLMENT PAYMENT ), 20-M-00323COMMONWEALTH VS. PAYTON, BARRY E, 20-T-01626COMMONWEALTH VS. FELTY, JAMIE D, 21-F-00048COMMONWEALTH VS. ENFINGER, JASON DENNIS, 21-M-00418COMMONWEALTH VS. MERRITT, DYLAN ROBERT, 21-M-00463COMMONWEALTH VS. RIGGS, BRIANNA, 21-M-00543COMMONWEALTH VS. DUFF, CHRISTINA JANE, 21-T-01033COMMONWEALTH VS. ALLEN, SABRINA ANN, 21-T-01087COMMONWEALTH VS. ALLEN, SABRINA ANN, 22-M-00004COMMONWEALTH VS. DEAN, RICHARD, 22-M-00030COMMONWEALTH VS. RIGGS, BRIANNA S, 22-M-00065COMMONWEALTH VS. WHITE, AARON SIDNEY, 22-M-00067COMMONWEALTH VS. CRAINE, FRANK JR, 22-T-00024COMMONWEALTH VS. HENRY, STEPHANIE ANN, 22-T-00237COMMONWEALTH VS. COLSTON, CARL E, 22-T-00241COMMONWEALTH VS. VIGIL, JUSTIN SHERIDAN, 22-T-00767COMMONWEALTH VS. CLANTON, CHARLSEY LEANN, 22-T-00891COMMONWEALTH VS. MEREDITH, JAMES MURRELL, 22-T-00892COMMONWEALTH VS. GREENWADE, STEVEN EUGENE, 22-T-00933COMMONWEALTH VS. orlando anderson kids, gippsland police news,

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